Lost and Found


in the Glastonbury & Wells Branch Area.

If you want your cat to be added to the list then you must report them to our Lost/Found Officer on 01458 831419. This list is updated regularly. We advertise found strays for 3 weeks before beginning to rehome them.

Details of lost and found cats can be posted on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Cats-Protection-Glastonbury-Wells-Branch. Do send us a photo, it can help to find either a cat or owner.

If your cat is missing, then put posters up around the area. Also, check with your local Neighbourhood Watch and ask them to email all their members about it.


w/c 17/09/18
  • LOST   4 year old b&w female, ragdoll cross, neutered and microchipped. From Vestry Road, Street
w/c 26/08/18
  • LOST 1 yo b/w female was a CP kitten, chipped and neutered. From Abbey Mews, G'Bury
  • LOST 3 yo ginger male. Chipped and neutered. From Lyatt Lane, Chilcott, Wells 
w/c 6/8/18  
  • LOST  from Chalice Way G.Bury 3 cats :- 12 yo ginger female. 12 yo b/v female, 2 yo black cat. Owners moved a week ago from Meare and cats may be making their way back there.
  • LOST  3 yo brown Savannah male. Has been a breeding cat and never out of a cage. A rescue cat. New owner recently moved to Somerton from West Midlands.

w/c 2/7/18
  • LOST  Large dark tabby, neutered and chipped. From Barton St David
w/c 25/6/18
  • LOST  10 yo small black female Burmese neutered and chipped from top of Hillhead in Glastonbury.

w/c 17/06/18

  • LOST     Smokey grey male neutered and chipped. From Martins Close, Evercreech
  • Elderly tabby "community cat", Abbotts Court, Benedict Street, Glastonbury.
w/c 11/06/18
  • LOST  1 yo grey un-neutered female was a house cat and due to be neutered tomorrow. From Hervey Road, Wells.  
w/c 04/06/18
  • LOST   From Bella Vue Gardens, Glastonbury. Black female cat semi feral neutered but not chipped
  • LOST   White male with black patches and black tail. 6 yo and not neutered or chipped. From Pound Close G'Bury
  • LOST   Fluffy female, black with white bib. Chipped and neutered. From Windmill Hill Road G'Bury.   



We sometimes find cats who are microchipped but their owners have not notified the microchip company that they have moved house - it is then impossible to reunite these people with their pet. IF YOU MOVE; CHANGE YOUR DETAILS ON THE MICROCHIP DATABASE - it is pointless having the cat chipped if you don't.

There is a very thin, elderly grey cat causing concern in the Strawberry Hill area of Street. This cat does have an owner and is receiving medical treatment so please don't feed it or bring into your house.

w/c 27/08/18
  • White cat with ginger flecks around eyes and tail. West Pennard area.
  • Friendly B/W cat in Albert Buildings, Glastonbury area.

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