Welcome to the Haslemere Adoption Centre Volunteering Page

Cats Protection, being a Charitable Organisation, is highly dependent on Volunteers to help with all aspects of operating the Organisation.

The Haslemere Adoption Centre (AC) has permanent staff, but extra pairs of hands and assistance over any time period are always welcome. Maximum benefit for yourself and The Centre will be gained if you aim to spend at least a couple of hours with us on each visit. Anyone able to commit to routinely attending for extended periods, ie a morning, afternoon or even a full day, will develop the essential experience and skills that enable them to fully support the staff and Haslemere Centre.

The Haslemere AC Friends' Group is our primary Fund Raising Organisation and also welcomes Volunteers.

We are urgently looking for volunteers for Wednesday Mornings 9am - 11am, to help with cleaning out cat pens.

This is a great way to meet the cats and get hands on experience working with the Charity.

We are also looking for Weekday afternoon volunteers 3.30pm - 4.45pm and for Friday morning volunteers 9am - 11am.

Please see below link for more information.


Could you be a Kitten Fosterer?

We will be expecting our usual busy "kitten season" as we near the spring, therefore we are making another plea for kitten fosterers. We really need the support of fosterers to help us to continue taking in kittens, especially during the busiest period as we anticipate we will be full to the brim and unable to take in any more unwanted kittens unless we have the support of fosterers.

How can I become a Kitten Fosterer?...
Anyone could become a fosterer. You will need a secure room to keep your foster cat in (the cat will have to stay indoors for the duration of its stay with you). A member of staff will visit your home to answer any questions you may have. We supply everything required for the cat from the food to the litter. You will need to have your own transport to take the cat for veterinary treatment if required at our local Woodlands veterinary center in Liphook. If you have your own cats they must be fully vaccinated, neutered and kept separately from your foster cat.

For further information please contact us

Current Volunteering Opportunities are Published Below

Cat Care Volunteer

Across Cats Protection our feline friends looking for new homes are cared for either at our adoption centres, by volunteer fosterers in their own homes or in purpose built pens in their gardens. Our cat care volunteers are part of a passionate team that look after and meet the needs of cats whilst they are in our care. This is an exciting role for cat lovers, as our cat care volunteers get to spend time directly with the cats when cleaning their pens, helping with feeding and when enriching their lives before they find their forever homes. 

Closing date: 03 Feb 2018