Adopt a cat

Welcome to our Adopt A Cat section. This shows the cats and kittens we are currently caring for in our Branch that are looking for their forever homes. All cats and kittens that come in to us are veterinary checked to ensure that they are healthy. All adult cats are neutered as are kittens if they have reached the appropriate age/size. They are all treated for fleas, wormed, micro-chipped and the vaccination course is started. The cost of this treatment can easily reach £150+ and we ask that our adopters contribute a fee of £75 per cat or kitten, although donations in excess of this are always welcome.
We only home young kittens in pairs and as long as cleared by our vet will do so from 9 weeks of age. If re-homed at a young age the kitten will only have received the first part of the vaccination and it is the responsibility of the new owner to ensure the course is completed. When adopting young kittens from us owners will be issued with a voucher to cover the cost of the neutering. We will therefore need to be advised details of your vet and the cost of male and/or female neutering.  A reminder will be sent at the appropriate time. 
PLEASE NOTE that we do not home on busy roads, bus routes of if there is no direct access on to a garden or safe space. 

We carry out home visits to ensure the right cat or kitten is going to the right home. Once adopted the cat or kitten is covered by 4 weeks free PetPlan insurance that the adopter can continue if they wish.