What we do

Helping cats

We offer general and practical advice and help, where we can, to people living in the area on:

  • Problems they may have with their cats
  • Financial assistance with neutering
  • Keep a lost and found register

Without our own shelter, we unfortunately have very limited fostering capabilities, which restricts the number of cats we can bring in and re-home. As well as helping people trying to re-home their own cats for a variety of reasons, we try and help the abandoned domestic ‘streeties’, as we call them, when we can. Those cats left behind when the owners move away or die, or those who just appear lost and straying with no one to care for them. As more cats are now being microchipped, scanning is always carried out when new cats are brought into us. This technology is starting to help re-unite more cats with their owners, some after several months, some after well over a year and some after a couple of hours! (This the result of someone 'feeling sure' that the cat following him was lost and taking him to the local vet, rather than knocking on a few doors or making some local enquiries first! The microchip revealed the owner who could not believe his cat was at the vet's - he had only been out a couple of hours). It is always so important to check carefully before assuming a cat is lost but thank goodness for the microchip!


We publish a newsletter 'Catflap' three to four times a year, in which we keep our local supporters up to date with our activities: including info on our fund-raising events which help us pay for the vet bills and the food/litter our foster cats' need. Apart from an annual grant from Cats Protection headquarters, all our funds are raised locally by quiz nights and other money-raising activities. Donations are always gratefully received!