Adopting a cat - more information

Are you looking for a cat or kitten? Have you thought about where the cat will eat and sleep? How it will access the garden? Have you considered all the ongoing costs? – veterinary treatment, routine inocculations possible boarding fees at a recommended & responsible cattery when going on holiday etc if other reliable arrangements not available. If you have, then please contact us either by phone or email. Initially we like to know

  • What sort of cat/kitten you may be looking for,
  • Have you owned cats/kittens before,
  • Where you live,
  • Do you have any children – especially young ones,
  • Other pets and in the case of kittens,
  • Is there someone at home all or part of the day and/or can someone get home during the day to check on its welfare.

Then, we will discuss with you all suitable cats/kittens. If there is a cat you would like to visit, you will be given details about where it is being fostered.  Before you visit the cat, the fosterer will want to do a home visit to check that the home and the outside environment is suitable . This is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have on the cat and how to look it. If the home visit is successful you  and your familly will be able to see the cat. The temperament of the animal and how it resonds to both you and to your family is very important when you are adopting a cat .

It is £85 to adopt a cat or kitten. All animals will have been vaccinated, microchipped, defleaed and wormed. If they are over 5/6 months old they will have been neutered.

If you live outside our catchment area, please contact your local branch of cats protection first to check that they haven't got a cat you would like to adopt and to arrange a home visit.