Cats reunited

In December 2008, 4 cats when missing from the Hillingdon area. This is their tale.

The cats were Abby, Sulo, Smudge and Katy and all of them have very different tales to tell.
Katy was an elderly black and white cat that got disorientated very easily. Her owners were  very worried about her and really thought they would never see her again. They were very relieved when she reappeared one week later having got stuck in a garage. She was thinner but no worse for wear.
Sulo was a tortoiseshell cat that went missing outside the vets. Being a clever cat, Sulo decide to walk home. On the way, he found food that some kind people had been putting out for the foxes. As the people had their own cat, Sulo was never allowed into their house, but they realised he wasn't a stray because he was so friendly.  The daughter of the house had worked at the vets where Sulo went missing. She told her mother to contact the surgery who immediately advised her to catch Sulo and bring him in as he matched the description on the 'missing' poster. When the vet scanned him for a microchip his owners were identified and  he was reunited with them. Apparently Sulo had walked nearly all the way home.
Abby was a gorgous grey fluffy lady. She got fed up of the cats she was living with and decided to decamp and went to live with some neighbours a few doors away. Again she was found when the vet scanned her for a microchip. Luckily for Abby, her previous owners were happy to sign her over to the neighbours and she is now living happily in her new home.
Smudge was a lovely looking tabby boy (see picture). He was adopted from Hillingdon CP in November and was just settling in to his new home in the countryside when he went missing. Originally Smudge was a town cat and everyone was worried that he had got lost in the fields and woods behind his new home. He came back 6 weeks later in a rather sorry state. We think he had been hit by a car. He was a lot thinner and has had to have half his tail amputated. Smudge is now living with Hillingdon CP again. We will be looking for a new home for him when he is well.