What we do

The Hillingdon branch of Cat Protection carries out the following activities within the Borough of Hillingdon:

•Re-home stray or unwanted pet cats/kittens.
•Place them in foster homes or one of our small cattery units until we can hopefully find a suitable loving home.
•Ensure that all cats/kittens taken into care are Vet checked, if possible, before going to a foster home.
•When requested, provide information/advice on cat related matters
•Raising funds to finance the work we do

In addition to above we:

•Assist in neutering feral cats by trapping and if possible, returning to site if food source is available.
•Removing feral kittens (under 10wks of age if possible) and socialising them for future rehoming.
•When finances allow, we can sometimes assist with Vet bills when a home is offered for one of our ‘older and/or more difficult to home’ cats.

Cats In Care

•All cats over 5/6 months of age, if not neutered when they come into care, will be neutered before they are rehomed.
•All cats/kittens are Vet checked and vaccinated for flu & enteritis, and microchipped
•Cats ‘at risk on veterinary advice’ will be blood tested for FIV (feline aids) and FeLV (feline Leukaemia)
•Cats/kittens are also routinely de-fleaed and wormed
•We also ensure that any condition noted by our Vets is treated and the future owner given a history of what has been done in our care.

‘We help if we can’ but as volunteers we cannot always be available. If we are unable to help, we will always provide information on other Cat Protection Branches or other Animal Charities/Organisations.