Rehoming your cat with Cats protection


 Re-homing your cat with the Isle of Wight Cats Protection Adoption Centre

Sometimes cat owners can find themselves in a position where they have to give up their much loved pet through no fault of their own. We are able to offer a professional rehoming service and we take pride in finding your pet a loving home that meets its needs. We help over 400 cats and kittens find happy new homes every year, we are the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. All cats handed into CP care are vet checked, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped before going to their new homes. Rehoming your cat through us will give you peace of mind, we will do our best to match the right cat to the right home. 

This guide will run through how our rehoming process works and what to expect if you need to rehome your cat.

Contact our centre
If you need to rehome a cat with us, please do contact our friendly reception team on 03000 12 02 51. Our centre is often very busy so we run a waiting list service, we can take all of the details about your cat and we will contact you as soon as a pen becomes available. Our waiting list is organised on a priority basis, meaning the most urgent cases of cats in need are helped first.

Preparing for your cat to come to the centre
once you have been contacted and a space is available we can arrange a suitable date for your cat to arrive at the centre. Before your cat arrives we will e-mail you a questionnaire for you to complete, this will provide us with valuable information about your cat. It gives you a chance to tell us about their personality, their likes and dislikes and their medical history. This information will help us find the right new home for them that matches their needs.

There are a few things that you can do to help your cat settle in to their new environment.
If you cat has a special blanket they like to snooze on, please bring it in with your kitty, a familiar scent will help them settle in faster. Also a familiar diet will help them settle in too, if you have any surplus food please do bring it in to the centre with your cat. Make sure your cat has a secure cat carrier to travel in, we can lend you a basket if needed to ensure a safe journey.

Arriving at the centre
On the day your cat comes in to care, please check in at reception. This gives us a chance to go through any relevant paperwork. One of our cat carers will take you up to the centre where you are welcome to help settle your cat in to their new pen. Parting with a loved cat can be an emotional experience, you are more than welcome to call us if you would like updates on your cat.

Please consider making a donation to our centre. Your donations really do make a difference and allow us to carry on our work to ensure a bright future for all the cats and kittens in our care. Your donation will help us provide food, shelter, care, veterinary treatment and enables us to find new homes for cats and kittens in need