What we do

Cuddled kittensThis Branch is quite small as regards helpers but being situated in a rural area means a lot of travelling to carry out our work.

The areas we cover are:
Postcodes:  EX23; Part of EX22, PL15; PL16; PL27; PL28 and PL29; Part of PL30 and  31;  32; 33; 34 and 35

Although being small, we are very active, often rehoming in excess of 200 cats/kittens each year. The majority of cats are looked after by our Welfare Officer/Co-Ordinator in pens in her garden; one or two other helpers also foster for us.

Our branch contacts and helpers

Mary Chudleigh - Welfare Officer/Co-Ordinator
01566 773 814  (Launceston)

Mary has a number of pens in her garden, which she looks after, being our main fosterer. She also 'mans' the telephone, vets homes, trips to vets, receives correspondence and literature from HQ, and everything else needed to run the Branch and rehome the cats/kittens.

Carol Bennett - Secretary
01288 353 889
e-mail: cplaunceston@morenos.plus.com

Carol is Branch Secretary and runs a monthly prize draw and the KITTY CLUB. In addition she runs a Branch Membership scheme producing a Newsletter every quarter.

Contact Carol if you would like details of either of these schemes.

Sue White - Treasurer

Sue looks after all our accounts and submits them to Headquarters. She also fosters, does home visits and regularly looks after a stall at our events. She is also our Facebook editor.
Derek Bennett - Fundraiser

Derek looks after CDs and DVDs which are donated to us and usually helps Carol on the Cats Protection goods stall.
He also takes care of all the signposting of the events.
Stephanie Brown - Fundraiser

Stephanie  regularly attends our events, looking after stalls or making tea and coffee for both helpers and customers.
Beryl and Ray Brooks - Fundraisers/Transport

Beryl and Ray are always at our events. They always provide us with lots of bric-a-brac for these events and regularly sell at local car boots.
Mary Trew - Helper

Mary helps Mary Chudleigh with the cats in the pens and is also a regular hard worker at our Open Days, usually on cream teas!

Trish Clements - Fundraising Officer

Trish is our Fundraising Office as she is an experienced fundraiser and organiser of events.

Kerry Belsham - Fundraiser

Kerry works alongside Trish and the fundraising team. She has been in Cornwall some years now but originally is from the Horhsam area.

Sue Medland - Fundraiser

Sue also works with Trish and the rest of the fundraising team. She attends events, sorts goods and helps out where and when required.

Frankie Franklyn - Fundraiser

Frankie is part of the fundraising team, attending events and helping out in what ever way is required.

Natalie Wilkerson - Website Editor

Natalie organises the website content, especially ensuring that the details and photos of the cats looking for new homes are updated on a regular basis. 

Cat Cuddlers!

We also have a number of lovely volunteers who come and spend time with our cats.  This gives all the cats some individual attention and helps some of the more shy cats to build their confidence.