What we do

Cuddled kittensThis Branch is quite small as regards helpers but being situated in a rural area means a lot of travelling to carry out our work.

The areas we cover are:
Postcodes:  EX23; Part of EX22,PL12, PL14, PL15, PL16, PL17, PL18, PL27; PL28 and PL29; Part of PL30 and  31;  32; 33; 34 and 35

Although being small, we are very active, often rehoming in excess of 200 cats/kittens each year. 

Our branch contacts 

Please note that we are all volunteers who generally also work so we may not be able to get back to you the same day and on occasions it may be a few days so please bear with us. 

Natalie Wilkerson - Coordinator
Tel: 07917 790528

e-mail: enquiries@launceston.cats.org.uk

Kathy Austen - Neutering Team Leader (Feral cats only)
Tel: 07831 514811
e-mail: neutering@launceston.cats.org.uk

Judith Williams - Neutering Assistant (Domestic/Pet cats)

Tel: 07867 189788
e-mail: neutering@launceston.cats.org.uk

Jade Weston - Branch Admin Team Leader - Membership, Kitty Club & Newsletter
Tel: 07899 860539
e-mail: branchadminteamleader@launceston.cats.org.uk

Alison Haywood
Homing Team Leader
Tel: 07966 295390
e-mail: adoption@launceston.cats.org.uk

Susan Pearce - Treasurer
e-mail: treasurer@launceston.cats.org.uk

Sue Medland - Fundraising Team Leader
Tel: 07776 667864
e-mail: fundraising@launceston.cats.org.uk

Kerry Belsham - Fundraising Team Leader
e-mail: fundraising@launceston.cats.org.uk