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What we do

Cuddled kittensThis Branch is quite small as regards helpers but being situated in a rural area means a lot of travelling to carry out our work.

The areas we cover are:
Postcodes:  EX23; Part of EX22, PL15; PL16; PL27; PL28 and PL29; Part of PL30 and  31;  32; 33; 34 and 35

Although being small, we are very active, often rehoming in excess of 200 cats/kittens each year. 

Our branch contacts 

Natalie Wilkerson - Coordinator
01566 786822  (Launceston)
e-mail: enquiries@launceston.cats.org.uk

Kathy Austen - Neutering Officer (Feral cats)
Tel: 07831 514811
e-mail: neutering@launceston.cats.org.uk

Sarah Burley - Neutering Assistant (Domestic/Pet cats)

Tel: 07581 039460
e-mail: neutering@launceston.cats.org.uk

Sarah Grace - Secretary - Membership, Kitty Club  & Newsletter
Tel: 07801 106702
e-mail: secretary@launceston.cats.org.uk

Sue White - Treasurer
e-mail: treasurer@launceston.cats.org.uk

Trish Clements - Fundraising Officer
Tel: 07967 538177