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Benefits of having your cat neutered

It is so important to neuter cats, both male and female, to stop unwanted kittens and the spread of disease. A female cat can start reproducing from just four months of age and one unneutered female can be responsible for many unplanned and unwanted kittens.

There are several benefits of neutering:

Financial - Neutered cats cost less to feed and are less likely to get sick or injured

- There are too many unwanted cats in the UK.
Neutering also reduces cats’ likelihood to roam, fight, spray and otherwise be a nuisance

- Neutered cats are generally healthier

We appreciate there is a cost but we may be able to help you if money is tight or if you are in receipt of benefits.
We have vouchers which completely cover the cost.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in finding out more, please call us on: 0116 416 1306

Thank you