Adopt a cat

Before viewing our cats, please bear in mind the following:

1) Just as we are not all perfect, young, beautiful and out-going, neither are our cats - but one of our cats may be just perfect for you. 

2) The majority of people are looking for kittens and cats up to the age of 2 years old.

3) The majority of our cats are older than this. The average life expectancy of a cat is 15-16 years old and some survive into their 20s, so an 8 year old cat still has many good years to come.

4) Many of our cats have either been left behind when their owners moved away, handed into us when a baby is born and the cat is no longer wanted, some, sadly, have been mis-treated and others are not wanted as they are getting older.

5) Not all of our cats are on the website yet. If you are looking for a cat and none of the cats featured meet your wishes, please contact us for further information about other cats available. 

Before going to a new home every cat in our care is:
•Neutered (except kittens but a voucher is provided to have this done later)
•Vaccinated (against cat flu, feline infectious enteritis and feline leukaemia virus)
•Flea- and worm-treated
•Insured for the first 4 weeks

All of the above costs our Branch a minimum of £150 per cat. Our branch is self funding and volunteers work hard throughout the year to raise funds for the above and the day to day running costs of the branch.
We charge an Adoption Fee of £70 per adult cat and £90 per kitten. We know times are hard but if you feel able to give us more than the basic fee then it will be gratefully received and we will be able to treat the extra as a donation and can claim Gift Aid on the extra amount if you are a UK tax payer.
We may carry out a home visit to help ensure that you are matched with the perfect cat and to take the opportunity to offer you information that will make the homing process go smoothly.
We don’t have a central shelter or office. Instead we operate from several smaller units located in various fosterers’ homes and gardens in the Lewes & Seaford District.

Thank you so much for considering to give a loving, forever home to one of our lovely CP cats!