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Our Homing Officer, Jo Polley, received a call from a lady who, although was not a cat lover, was concerned about a cat that kept appearing in her garden. The cat was skeletal. Its coat looked sun bleached ginger, although it was in fact black and white. She offered it food and it ate with a vengeance. After a few meals it started to improve. The cat had apparently been visiting gardens in the vicinity for about a year. Jo took the cat into her Cat Pen in Newhaven and made arrangements to take it to the vets.

On examination, the cat’s pupils did not react. The cat was blind! It had survived in the gardens with this disability for a year. High blood pressure had caused its blindness. It was prescribed half a pill a day which then brought its blood pressure down to normal.

Around this time Jo received a call from an elderly lady who wanted to give a home to an older cat. Jo explained the situation and she was happy to care for the cat on a trial basis. The really exciting news is that she has just phoned to say things are going really well and she wouldn’t now dream of giving up her new soul-mate.