Success stories

This is where we would like to share just some of the more recent success stories we have of rehoming injured, stray and unwanted cats & kittens from our branch of Cats Protection.

CALI & EVIE - adopted January 2014

I just wanted to give you an update on the beautiful young ladies who, as you can see above, are doing just fine.
Cali has not looked back, she is the most gorgeous little girl who has instantly taken to her radiator bed and looks so sweet curled up and nestled in to the blankets on her radiator in her bedroom, it is lovely to come home and have her run up to you for a little affection. Evie is gorgeous and, whilst still not really wanting to be held or cuddled in one's arms, she does love a good tickle and belly rub .... oops she has just jumped up on to the settee behind my neck .. and now she has gone upstairs!!
Yesterday the two of them had a prolonged and energetic play fight, it was so funny and sweet ... Evie is very tolerant of her younger buddy but will put a little extra 'punch' in to her pawing when she has had enough.
Well that is the update for now ... if you are in the area very welcome to knock on the door and she how they are doing.
Thank you once again for letting us have these two delightful girls, they are great. Kind regards, Stephen

We weren't looking for another cat as we already had 2 cats, but while Danielle was foster mum to Mortimer he was such a lovely character we just fell in love with him, hence since July last year 2012 we brought him home.He was very nervous at first as he had been waiting for a new home at Danielle's for 5 months. For the first few days he hid behind the headboard in the spare room, he wasn't eating much, and we began to wonder what had we done!! But then as he got used to his new surroundings and our other 2 boys (cats) he soon blossomed into the Mortimer we know now.
 He is now a very much loved member of our family, The way he looks deep into our eyes... He loves to climb onto our chest and be held like a baby having a cuddle... He likes to lay up round our head and neck as though he can't get close enough to us... In a lot of ways he's like a little dog following my husband around, waiting outside the bathroom door for him, sits watching his every move, looking up to his face in adoration. Its hard to imagine life without him now, Mortimer is one special boy.
Thank  you Danielle for the love, affection and time which you gave to Morts and give to all the other rescued cats that you have had and continue to have.

Internet dating – love at first sight!
"In July 2011 our dear old cat passed away. We missed him so much we decided to offer a home to a senior puss who was in need of a family. We took a look at the Cats Protection website – and there he was on our computer screen in all his glory – a handsome 13 year old tabby boy called ‘Toffee’. We made contact with Danielle and arranged a visit. Toffee was extremely nervous during our visit. He had been in care for the previous 5 months but he let my wife hold him and we just fell in love. Danielle arranged a house visit and soon he was at home with the Coasby’s. He remained nervous and elusive for a few days, so much so, that we found him hiding behind the washing machine.  But gradually he began to trust us and became friendly and loving. He is still a little unsure around strangers but he his totally relaxed in our company and enjoys our garden, or best of all, sharing the sofa in the evening and cuddles on the bed at night. He has definitely grown to love us as we have with him and sometimes when he is snuggled up to us with eyes closed and purring away it is almost as if he is thinking “I know I must have won the lottery, but I really don’t remember buying a ticket”! Best wishes to you all" - Dave & Glynis


"In February last year (2012) we lost our cat who was almost 19. I'd bought him when I left home & we'd grown up together. We were devastated but knew we wanted to give another cat a loving home. I contacted Cats Protection to see if they had any cats they thought would be suitable. My only request was that it was a Golden Oldie because I know that the older ones often get over looked & spend the rest of their lives in care. Plus I think cats are at their best & most interesting when they're older. It was fate because Danielle called me straight away to say that they had just taken in a 13 year old. I had my home check & Sophie was brought around that night. It thankfully meant that Sophie only spent 3 days in a foster home. 
From the moment Sophie peeked her beautiful haughty face out of the basket it was love. I will never understand why she ended up in Cats Protection but I am so grateful she is with us now.  She's perfect in every way; loving, affectionate, clean, friendly to our 3 dogs & all our visitors. She has never bitten or scratched anyone. She is the Queen Bee of the house and despite our best intentions she dives on our bed every night for cuddles & hogs the bed! 
I would urge anyone looking for a cat to please not buy kittens but to give a cat from Cats Protection a good home. Please don't over look the oldies - they are so rewarding"  -  Lisa xx


"Little M" has lived with us since March 2012. She came to us as a very timid, quiet and shy little cat, the size of a 6 month old kitten. After 2 days under the sofa, she emerged and we discovered she is quite the little minx! She loves her food and toy mice and will regularly bring us presents (with meowing) at all hours. She has a ceiling high cat tree, and after a shaky start, now loves climbing to the top to push her toys onto the floor. In the evening, she curls up to sleep on my lap; although she can also be found on our bed, in her bed, asleep on the laundry or hiding in the shoe rack pretending to be a shoe. M is a very sociable and friendly cat, and happily meows her way around the house; I think we have just about deciphered all the different noises; she has even made friends (nearly) with the occasional visiting dog! We recently moved house and she was completely unfazed, settling in very happily - her new favourite thing is to jump through the stair banisters onto my shoulders! Thank you Cats Protection for introducing us to such a friendly, sweet and often quite mad little cat – who would do anything for a treat stick; and even has her own Twitter account!  - Abi

"Gem came to join our family when she was 8 months old in early February 2012. She is now 19 months and is very much loved especially by Charlie. Gem is very friendly and has even become a "mum" figure to our latest addition Giacomo. She loves water and often jumps up on the sink as soon as she hears a tap turn on. She also likes it when the toilet flushes (she hasn't fallen in yet). I am sure she thinks she is a dog at times, chasing her tail, laying sprawled out in the middle of the floor (usually while I am cooking) and is always outside bedroom door in the morning with a smile. Yes she does have an expression! I would love to adopt more cats but have reached my total of four" - Wendy