What we do

Our branch works hard to rehome and help as many cats and kittens as possible! Without the help of Cats Protection in the area, many cats and kittens may well end up homeless, suffering, or even worse!

We cover the postcode areas LU1 - LU7 and part of MK45 (South of A507 only -Westoning, Flitwick, Barton-Le-Clay).
The areas we work in, and the people and cats we deal with are all diverse, but they have one thing in common - they need our help!

Without developing and expanding our cat work, there would be lots more unhappy cats across the area! We will rescue and rehome cats and kittens, which may have come in for various reasons - sometimes people move and leave their cat, sometimes their owner dies, sometimes they are found wandering or injured, and sometimes they are handed in when people just can't cope anymore!

We will help with feral colonies and our dedicated team of volunteers do their best to trap, neuter, and relocate (where possible) these feral cats.

We will also help with assisted neutering for people on benefits, low incomes or pensions We will care for long term ill and elderly cats - we're always looking for homes for these, but this is a difficult task, and in the mean time they need to be looked after and given their medication when necessary!

We will also ensure all our cats are healthy and happy!  All this has to be done with no government or lottery funding, we rely solely on the goodwill and donations from local people and the people we help!  

None of our volunteers receive a salary from Cats Protection, and many give up hours of their time every week!