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Thinking about adoption

Thinking about adopting a cat or kitten? At Cats Protection, we believe in matching the right cat to the right home. That's why we look at everything from the personality of your potential pet to where you live - creating the perfect match for both cat and owner. Press on the arrowed headings below to find out more information on adopting a cat or kitten.

Readiness for adoption

Whilst there can be a lot to think about when adopting a cat or kitten, we try and take away some of your worries, providing plenty of advice along the way.

We aim to ensure that all the cats and kittens in our care are ready for their new homes. When you adopt a cat or kitten from us, you can be sure they have been:

+Cats and kittens may be rehomed before their second vaccinaton is due. In this case we will cover the cost of their second vaccination, provided it is carried out at the veterinary practices we specify, and three to four weeks after their first vaccination.
*If you adopt a kitten which is not yet old enough to be neutered (typically less than 4 months old) you can request a neutering voucher, which will cover the full cost of neutering, from You will need to quote the kitten's CP number, the name of the kitten, its sex and colour, and the name of the vet you are going to use.

When a cat or kitten is adopted they are also provided with four weeks' free Petplan insurance.

Adoption process

To register your interest in adopting a cat please select the cat (or cats) you would like to adopt from those below, select the "Contact us about this cat" option beneath the details of the cat (or cats) you are interested in, and then provide details of you, your household and any other pets you have.

If you don't see your future purrfect companion on our website then please feel free to contact our homing team either by phone on 01908 984799, or by email at We may have cats in our care which are not yet on our website, or we can take your details and contact you when we find a cat that we believe would be a good match.

The homing team will consider your application together with the needs of the cat you have chosen and will carry out a check on the area around your home (eg looking at its proximity to main roads). If these checks are successful then a member of our homing team will contact you to ask for proof of address to be provided (and if renting the permission of the landlord will be required), discuss the needs of your new cat, discuss how to manage your new arrival, and offer advice on introductions to any other pets that may live with you. Either a home visit will be arranged, or the homing team will request photos/videos of the interior and garden of your house, to ensure your home is suitable for the needs of your cat.

Please note that if your application isn't successful then our homing team will always try and let you know - in the unlikely event you don't hear from them then you can assume that your application was unsuccessful.

The homing team will then arrange for the fosterer to contact you so that you can see the cat or kitten at the fosterer's home (either by video or by visiting) to confirm that you and the fosterer are happy to proceed with the adoption.

The final stage is to pay the adoption fee via online banking, and arrange a date to pick up your new cat with your fosterer.

Adoption fees

The adoption fees for cats and kittens are as follows:

  • Adult cats and kittens over 6 months - £80
  • Kittens 6 months and under - £100

Cats available for adoption

Can you give any of these beautiful cats and kittens a new home?
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