JessieMilton Keynes & District

Meet dear little Jessie who is 9 years old. She came into Cat’s Protection as her behaviour had become unpredictable – she had become snappy, and disliked the children and dogs she was living with. She’s had quite a journey since she’s been in our care. She was initially discovered to have dental issues, so had to have her teeth cleaned and a tooth removed. She has had a bout of colitis and urinary stress both of which required her to have antibiotics. After several vet visits and second opinions she was diagnosed with arthritis (probably of her spine and left hip). She has been on painkillers and supplements for several weeks, and now has just been weaned off the painkillers to see how she responds. She is much better in herself and it is the vet’s hope that she will be able to be maintained comfortably on just her supplements, with possibly an occasional dose of painkiller. She will occasionally snap but this is rare now and is usually because she’s uncomfortable or has been surprised. She loves to be stroked, especially with the grooming glove, but on her terms. She has an endearing habit of sucking her front leg when she’s relaxed, as a child would suck his/her thumb. She is not a lap cat but likes to know where you are and enjoys attention. She will come and sit next to you on a sofa however, and she loves to rub against your legs just to let you know she’s there. She also loves her food – she is on a special veterinary diet for urinary stress, and it has been advised that she should remain on this. She has both wet and dry food and is always eager for both. She takes a supplement daily to help keep her joints mobile which is a powder sprinkled on her food. Any medication she’s been given she has taken surprisingly easily, so this should not be cause for concern for her new owner. The vet has been very encouraging in his prediction that she should, as long as she has her supplements and possibly the occasional painkiller, be absolutely fine as far as her arthritis is concerned. She is still agile and easily jumps onto the bed or a chair. She tends not to jump up on higher surfaces however. As most cats do, she loves warmth as the heat probably helps to soothe her joints. She seems to be more nervous around men than women and tends to avoid asking for attention from a man. She must go to a home without young children and dogs. We are unsure how she will respond to another cat in the house so she probably should be the only cat. She uses her litter tray well and is extremely clean. She would like outdoor access though as she has missed this since being in foster care.

Gender Female
Age 9
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Black and White
Can live with cats Yes
Can live with dogs No
Can live with a family No
Can live with mature family Yes

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