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Meet Tilly Who is about 5 years old and had been living outside for at least a year when she came to MKCP in December 2018. Tilly is well socialised and uses a litter tray, but she spends a lot of time hiding and doesn’t like to be picked-up or cuddled. Like most domesticated cats who spend time being homeless Tilly is slightly overweight but is beginning to slim down now she knows that dry food is constantly available and that wet food will regularly arrive. Tilly is scared by sudden movements, by strangers coming into her home, by loud noises and by new experiences. She does seek love and attention but her tolerance for human contact is low and she departs for one of her hiding places once you have reassured her with a gentle rub of her head, neck and tail. Tilly needs a warm, calm and loving home with plenty of cosy places to hide inside, as well as places outside where she can roam in safety, Ideally her new family would include someone who has a lot of experience with cats who is able to work at bringing out the best in her. We don’t yet know whether she is tolerant of dogs or children, but it would be sensible for her new home to be away from the adorable but erratic movements of toddlers and small children. If you’re the right person for Tilly you will know that helping a frightened cat requires time and patience. She is slowly learning that not all people want to grab at her and terrorise her. Tilly is a beautiful cat who simply needs a stable warm and loving home with calm adults, and older children who can understand her fear. When she shows more trust she can pull at your heart-strings, and when her behaviour takes a step backwards it can be heart-breaking. While she may never be a cuddly lap-cat, could you be the person who continues Tilly’s rehabilitation and reaps the rewards of enabling her to be the best and most loving cat that she can be? Can you offer Tilly her forever home.

Gender Female
Age 5
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Tabby

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