LucyMilton Keynes & District

This is Lucy, estimated to be between 9 to 12 years of age. She was living on the streets for some months prior to coming into Cats Protection care. It is highly likely that she has had a loving family at some point as she is a gentle, friendly girl.

She does have allergic skin which causes her to itch and groom a lot. She has required a course of steroids to bring the condition under control; veterinary opinion is that potentially this could flare up again, so her future owner needs to remain vigilant and continue strict monthly flea treatments.

She is on Hills z/d to help control the allergy and it is advised that she remains on this. Her fosterer is also giving her additional probiotics added to her food which seem to have helped support her health. Any medication she’s been given she has taken surprisingly easily, so this should not be cause for concern for her new owner.

As an older cat she is experiencing some back leg stiffness so she has YuMove joint supplement added to her food.

She enjoys a fuss especially around her head and neck. Sometimes she is less keen on being stroked down her back if her skin is bothering her. She is by no means a lap cat but likes to know where you are and enjoys attention. She will come and sit next to you on a sofa however, and she loves to rub against your legs just to let you know she’s there. She will play a little either chasing a ball or hind-leg kicking her toy mouse, but she’s not a very energetic girl. She does love her food though – both wet and dry food and she is always eager for meals.

Lucy would prefer a home without young children and other animals. She would probably love outdoor access as she has missed this since being in foster care – and it may be that outdoor exercise improves her general demeanour.

She uses her litter tray well and is extremely clean.

Gender Female
Age 9
Colour Grey Tabby
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes