We are a small branch, covering a large area, which is run entirely by volunteers. We rely on people like you to enable us to continue helping stray, unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens.

Volunteering for Cats Protection enables you to:

  • make a real difference to cats and kittens in your community
  • use your existing expertise, develop new skills and expand your knowledge
  • meet new people and work as part of a dedicated team
  • become a key member in the UK’s largest feline charity.

Please have a look at the volunteer roles which currently have vacancies in the table below - you can click on each link to see more details of the role. If you think a role might be for you, or if you would like further information, then please email us at enquiries@miltonkeynes.cats.org.uk, or call us on 01908 984799.

Role Brief Description Vacancies?
Fosterer looking after cats and kittens whilst they are awaiting to be adopted Yes
Adoptions Administrator Ensuring the adoption paperwork is completed as smoothly and efficiently as possible Yes
Trap, Neuter And Return Volunteer maintaining the health and number of feral cat populations Yes
Fundraising playing a key part in local fundraising events and activities Yes
Lost And Found Volunteer helping reunite lost cats with their owners Yes
Publicity Team Leader letting everyone know what the branch is up to Yes
Social Media Volunteer making regular posts on social media sites No
Branch Secretary providing support to the branch Yes
Events Coordinator organizing events No
Home Visitor carrying out home visits No
Stock Controller managing stock levels at our storage unit Yes
Internal Communications Officer carrying out internal communications within the branch No
Transport Volunteer transporting cats and equipment, etc by car Yes

We are also always on the lookout for people who love cats and want to join a group of like-minded individuals helping to run our stand promoting Cats Protection. We also sell cat-related items from the stand to help raise funds to allow us to continue working with needy cats in and around Milton Keynes. Can you give us a few hours of your time now and again?

Please email us at enquiries@miltonkeynes.cats.org.uk, or call us on 01908 984799 for further information.

We and the cats thank you.