Did you know!...


Did you know?

Black Cats

The UK’s leading feline welfare charity currently has around 1,300 black cats in its care and says that homes are far less easy to find for black cats than other felines. "People seem to be more taken with torties, tabbies and other colours – perhaps due to a perception that variety adds spice."

Although it's lovely to see these cats finding their forever homes, it is sad to see black cats left waiting in the wings. They make up about 23 per cent of all cats in Cats Protection care and each one waits around a week longer than the average cat to be rehomed. 

Cat Behaviour

The National Cats Centre recently conducted a survey with over 1,100 adult cat owners and found a worrying lack of knowledge about cat behaviour and what it really means. The findings highlight how owners can struggle to follow signs that their cat is unhappy. More than a third (38 per cent) didn’t realise a cat with flattened ears means it is scared and needs somewhere to hide. Also worrying is 49 per cent of us are unable to identify that a cat licking its lips can be an indication of stress.