Adopt a cat


If you’re interested in adopting a cat from us please take a look at the specific personalities and requirements of each of our cats. If you think you could be the #PurrfectMatch for one of these lovely moggies, please complete a contact form which is linked at the bottom of each cat's profile.  Alternatively, register your interest in adopting a cat by contacting our helpline on 0345 260 1503 - they will take all the details we require to progress your enquiry.

Matching the right home for our cats is always a challenge and we always prioritise the individual welfare needs of the cat. 

Step 1 - Enquire

If you are interested in offering a cat a permanent home and like the look of one of our cats, send us an enquiry through the website or call our helpline on 0345 260 1503. 

Step 2 - Adoption Process, Virtual Home Visit, Cat Viewing and Reservations

Once you've logged an interest in a cat - our Homing Team Leader will ask one of our Cat Match Volunteers to make contact with you.  They will talk to you about the type of cat that would best suit your home and lifestyle and will carry out a virtual home visit at the same time.  They will research the location of your property and ask a series of standardised questions which help us to get a better understanding of the cat which would be most suited to your home. If our Cat Match Volunteer feels you can provide a suitable home for a cat or kitten, our Homing Team Leader will contact you to advise whether we have any suitable cats within branch which meet your criteria.  If there is a cat that meets your criteria, the Homing Team Leader will ask for a cat's fosterer to contact you to chat more about the cat, their personality and if you wish to do so, arrange to visit the cat (or do a virtual visit). 

Step 3 - Adopting A Cat

If we have found a cat which meets your criteria and you wish to adopt the cat, the fosterer with whom the cat is housed will reserve the cat for you, confirm the adoption fee, and will send you the details to make a BACS payment.  Once payment has been received, the fosterer will arrange a date and time for you to collect the cat.

The adoption fee is £115 for a kitten or £95 for a cat (aged 6+ months).

Step 4 - Getting Your Cat

When you arrive to collect your cat/kitten from the fosterer you will be given some paperwork which includes: Adoption Form (for you to sign and agree to the adoption terms and conditions), PetPlan 4 weeks free insurance terms and conditions, Medical Summary and Medical History.  If you are in rented accommodation you may be asked to provide proof from the landlord that they are happy to accept pets.

A homing pack will also be lgiven to you – this  gives tips and advice on how to settle your cat into their new home. 

Post Adoption
The fosterer will give you a call 5 days after you have adopted your new cat to check how everything is going.  If you need any advice or support after adopting a cat, please call our helpline on 0345 260 1503.



What happens if I change my mind?

Your reservation is not binding, so you can cancel any time up until the completion of the adoption paperwork. As our team are working hard to facilitate a number of enquiries, we’d be grateful if you could carefully consider the commitment of adopting a cat before reserving.  Once you adopt the cat, you take full responsibility for their care.

If you feel that they are not settling in well we ask that you give it some time and follow the settling in guidance provided. You can also make contact with us regarding any concerns you may have by calling our Helpline on 0345 260 1503.

What if my cat becomes unwell? 
Any unwell cats should be referred to a vet.  As part of the adoption, you will be provided with 4 weeks free Petplan Insurance.  You may also like to consider signing up to Cats Protection’s Membership scheme which gives you access to our Vetfone line. 

Not enough cats?

We often have other cats and kittens in branch besides those featured on our website/social media pages. Some may not be quite ready, and there's always more on our waiting list to come in. Even if you can't see the right cat for you, please feel free to contact us to express your interest.

Please also check out our 'Direct Homing Scheme' page, where there could be just the right kitten or cat for you to adopt privately with no fees involved. Alternatively, you might also like to try the Birmingham Adoption Centre.  Our adoption fees are in-line with other Cats Protection branches in the Birmingham area and are as follows - 

£95 for a cat (aged 6+ months)
£115 for a kitten 

Every cat that comes into our care costs around £175- £200 to support with food, litter and basic medical treatments/vet assessments whilst in branch and each cat receives the following treatments and support (included within the adoption fee)- 

  • Veterinary check on admission to branch
  • Blood test for FELV/FIV+ (or if multiple cats admitted at one time - a sibling or mum cat is tested)
  • Worming treatments
  • Flea treatments
  • 1st vaccination (before leaving branch)
  • 2nd vaccination cost (adopter may need to arrange and take the cat/kitten to branch vets Lydon Veterinary Centre or Scott Vets for 2nd vaccination)
  • Neutering (before leaving branch)
  • Microchip
  • 2nd veterinary assessment prior to leaving branch
  • 4 weeks free Petplan Insurance