Adopt via our Direct Homing Scheme

Where we, as a local branch, are not able to take in a cat that needs a new home, we recommend cat owners do their best to find a new home for their cat by asking friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues if they would like to adopt, or call reputable rescues for help, or call the CP Adoption Centre where there may be a place available - 01564 822020.

Here, we try to help via our Direct Homing Scheme. To use the scheme, clear good quality photographs of the cat need to be provided by e-mail, along with a full description of the cat - age, whether friendly, and neuter/vaccination/microchip status along with full contact details.  

This is referred to as a 'private adoption' as it is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current carer to decide if the cat is suited to its possible new home. Equally, it is up to the current carer to decide whether the potential adopter will provide a good home, properly care for the cat, and keep the cat indoors in its new home for at least six weeks. The current carer continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place.

We feature the cat on our website and give brief details as provided by the current owner, but we make no claim to accurate knowledge of the cat, its health, vaccination status, whether it is neutered, micro-chipped, etc.

Cats featured will stay on the site until we hear/establish that they have been rehomed or other arrangements made. Those who use this 'direct' scheme need to let us know as soon as their cat has been rehomed so that the details can be removed from the website - otherwise they may well continue to receive unwanted calls. 

There are no adoption fees for this - the Direct Homing Scheme - but either party may want to make a donation to the branch which is much appreciated. 

Jan 2020


Billy is a very handsome, confident, independent 11 month old Domestic Short Hair.

Busy Billy is an very active young cat. He prefers chasing wand toys and exploring outside to sitting on laps - although he does appreciate brief periods of fuss before he gets back to the more important business of playing and exploring!

Billy was found wandering the streets and is currently staying temporarily in a multicat household where he does not get on with the other cats. He is desperate to settle down in his own permanent home.

Billy is seeking an adult only home with no other cats and no children as although he is very confident and approachable and enjoys a bit of fuss, he can be intolerant of too much handling.

He has lots of energy and needs access to outside space and so needs a home away from main roads.

Billy has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He has tested negative for FIV and is up to date with flea and worm treatments.

Potential homes will be home checked.

Contact Cathy on 07833066575 or email

December 2019/Jan 2020


Sylvan is looking for a new home where he is the only pet in the household as he likes to be the centre of attention. He is 9 years old, vaccinated, neutered, chipped and has 'never had any health issues'. His current owner says he loves 'roaming and hunting as much as a cuddle and good food, and is good with children'.  He can go to his new home with his bed, toys etc - and a supply of his favourite nosh.

Viewing can be any time to suit -
call Lisa on 07796 612779
for more details


Male Milo and tabby girl Velvet - born end of June 2019
now neutered and adopted -
we're keeping their photos on to show the sort of images that appeal! 

milo velvet

** if on a low income/benefits, CP has a '£5 to neuter your cat' scheme operating at several local vets ** 

Success stories below: 


Jan, 2020. Bella adopted; Angel and Tinkabell have gone to Wythall Animal Rescue where, paws crossed, they will soon find their forever home.
Jan, 2020. Blue Oriental Zac now adopted and enjoying his new life and home in Handsworth Wood.

2019 updates :

December update: Rosie has been given a place at the Adoption Centre - 01564 822020

Update - November 2019 - Grace, Kizzy and 5-year old Milo - all adopted! And reports back to CP confirm that all homes/adopters checked and all cats happy and settled. Just what we like to hear! 

Kittens Milo and Velvet - born end of June

October update - kittens now neutered and adopted

Baran of Wylde Green kept Mum cat, and kitten Boncuk went to an
Adoption Centre,
where she was neutered, chipped - and adopted!

Baggy, Angel and Devil - sibling kittens - adopted Oct 19

Harry, Heidi and Helena - all neutered and found homes now - Oct 19

Parker - adopted Sept 19

Nella - gone to adoption centre Sept 19

Cindy and Molly - moved to foster care Sept 19

Theta - moved to foster care Sept 19

Missy, 5 yr old female adopted 21/6/19

Moto - older female adopted 20/6/19

Coco - 3 yr old female adopted 18/6/19

Elderly cat Gertie has been adopted 9.6.19

Snaps & Coconut adopted 7.6.19