Adopt via our Direct Homing Scheme

** Please note that, as of August 2021, the direct homing scheme is up and running again! **

Where we, as a local branch, are not able to take in a cat that needs a new home, we recommend cat owners do their best to find a new home for their cat by asking friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues if they would like to adopt, or call reputable rescues for help, or call the CP Adoption Centre where there may be a place available - 01564 822020. 

Here, we try to help via our Direct Homing Scheme. To use the scheme, clear good quality photographs of the cat need to be provided by e-mail, along with a full description of the cat - age, whether friendly, and neuter/vaccination/ microchip status along with full contact details.  

This is referred to as a 'private adoption' as it is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current carer to decide if the cat is suited to its possible new home. Equally, it is up to the current carer to decide whether the potential adopter will provide a good home, properly care for the cat, and keep the cat indoors in its new home for at least six weeks. The current carer continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place.

We feature the cat on our website and give brief details as provided by the current owner, but we make no claim to accurate knowledge of the cat, its health, vaccination status, whether it is neutered, micro-chipped, etc. 

**Please note CP would expect ALL cats offered for adoption/rehoming to be neutered. So please ensure this is the case and, if on a low income or certain benefits, the '£5 to neuter your cat' scheme can be used. Call 03000121212 for details of participating vets in your area**

Cats featured will stay on the site until we hear/establish that they have been rehomed or other arrangements made. Those who use this 'direct' scheme need to let us know as soon as their cat has been rehomed so that the details can be removed from the website - otherwise they may well continue to receive unwanted calls. 

There are no adoption fees for this - the Direct Homing Scheme - but either party may want to make a donation to the branch which is much appreciated. 



Ace is a black and white youngster, around 3 – 4 years old, who is looking for a home where he will be loved and given access to indoors and outdoors.

His current carer says: “Ace is a friendly cat, estimated to be 3 or 4 years old who we have discovered is microchipped and neutered. His original owners have confirmed he can be adopted and, meantime, I have cared for him for the past 10 months. This boy is friendly, loves a fuss, cuddles and playtime and, as I have 2 cats of my own, he is relatively well-used to cats and trusts people. We have him indoors at night, feed him well, and then he likes to be outdoors again. He rarely needs to use a litter tray, but I put one down and am sure that wouldn't be a problem. Basically, he is a ‘no hassle’ lad, has the same simple daily routine, and we think he’d best suit a calm quiet environment - no dogs or young children." 

To enquire about Ace, call or text his carer Sonia on 07512423427, who can provide additional information. A viewing would be in B21. He is free to a good caring home.

7 November, 2021


Sarah of Kingstanding sadly needs to part with her three cats – Rainbow, Richard and Tiger – because of a change in her personal circumstances.
She says all three cats are spayed/neutered and chipped.

 Brief details of each cat, as provided by Sarah, as follows : -

 Rainbow is an ‘old English Tortie’ – 3 years old, abandoned in a ‘box in the park’ and taken in and cared for by Sarah. On a vet visit, it transpired she was chipped, so the vet said she was ‘likely to be spayed’ – but a while later she did have kittens, and Sarah kept one – black and white Richard. And, of course, then had Rainbow spayed.

 Richard is black and white, one year old and neutered.

 Tiger, despite her name, is a female - a strikingly good-looking tabby - spayed and chipped, and is 5-years old. She was Sarah’s ‘own original’ cat.

 Sarah says all 3 cats are healthy, friendly and fussy, use their litter trays at night, like to be in and warm at this time of year. They are all fine with her children, and enjoy both wet and dry food. They can go separately as Sarah realises it is unlikely an adopter would want three, and are free to good homes. 

To chat more about any of these three cats, call or text Sarah on 07889684511 – viewing is in Kingstanding.


- - - - - - -

7 November 2021




Black and white Bob of Castle Brom needs a new home because his owner's daughter has become allergic to Bob's white fur.
The family had an all-black cat prior who lived to 16 and that was fine.  

Owner Craig says: "Bob is a 3-year old male, neutered, healthy, who enjoys Purina dry food. He is used to a cat-flap so pops out into the garden as and when he wants to. He's fussy, but pretty much prefers a quiet life, so a mature family home might suit him best. He did get on with our older cat so probably would get on with another cat."
Bob is free to a good home, and potential adopters can call owner Craig on 07772549980 any time to chat about Bob and/or arrange a viewing. 


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5 November 2021

Within 24 hours of Missy's owner requesting Missy be promoted on the directs page, the CP Adoption Centre (tel 01564 822020) agreed to take Missy into their care later in November, but before her owner (Vanda) has to move home. So everyone delighted!

Missy is a white and black girl – spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated
– who needed a new home because her owner has to move into sheltered accommodation that doesn’t welcome pets. 


- - - - - - - - - -


update 2/11/21 - Alfie adopted!  And by friends of the family too -
a purrfect result! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

Could your heart crumble for Crumbles?

update 17 October 2021 - Crumbles a

Crumbles was spotted here and some purrfect adopters contacted his owner Zaid. Now 9-year-old Crumbles has gone off to his new forever home! A wonderful result! 


Star of Shard End
25.10.21 - Owner Karen has let us know Star is now adopted!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- 


Good news - TEEBO AND TAYO OF GREAT BARR - are adopted and in their new home! - 29.10.21 - together!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

BALTO NEEDED A NEW BOLTHOLE - and has found one!

September 2021

Thanks to this page, Balto has now found a new home. Great News! 


Male Milo and tabby girl Velvet 
now neutered and adopted - we're keeping their photos on to show the sort of images that appeal! 

milo velvet

For those on a low income/certain benefits, CP has a '£5 to neuter your cat' scheme. 
Call 03000 121212 to ask which vets are taking part locally.