Adopt via our Direct Homing Scheme

Where we, as a local branch, are not able to take in a cat that needs a new home, we recommend cat owners do their best to find a new home for their cat by asking friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues if they would like to adopt, or call reputable rescues for help, or call the CP Adoption Centre where there may be a place available - 01564 822020. 

Here, we try to help via our Direct Homing Scheme. To use the scheme, clear good quality photographs of the cat need to be provided by e-mail, along with a full description of the cat - age, whether friendly, and neuter/vaccination/microchip status along with full contact details.  
This is referred to as a 'private adoption' as it is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current 
carer to decide if the cat is suited to its possible new home. Equally, it is up to the current carer to decide whether the potential adopter will provide a good home, properly care for the cat, and keep the cat indoors in its new home for at least six weeks. The current carer continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place.

We feature the cat on our website and give brief details as provided by the current owner, but we make no claim to accurate knowledge of the cat, its health, vaccination status, whether it is neutered, micro-chipped, etc.

Cats featured will stay on the site until we hear/establish that they have been rehomed or other arrangements made. Those who use this 'direct' scheme need to let us know as soon as their cat has been rehomed so that the details can be removed from the website - otherwise they may well continue to receive unwanted calls. 

There are no adoption fees for this - the Direct Homing Scheme - but either party may want to make a donation to the branch which is much appreciated. 


October 2020


Sparkle is 2-year-old all-over-tabby girl who is spayed and microchipped. Says current carer Lisa: “Sadly, Sparkle now needs a new home due to a change of personal circumstances. She is spayed and chipped, and is a happy, alert and playful girl, and will sit on my lap in the evenings. She enjoys the outdoors and doesn’t mind other cats in the garden, so could possibly go to someone who has other cats. She enjoys both wet and dry food and is litter-trained – though mostly uses the garden. She can go to her new home with her carrier and toys."

To contact Lisa of Kingstanding to discuss a direct adoption, no fees, call or text her on 07759343847or mail


* update 25.10. 20 - Oreo adopted! 

   o  o

Oreo is a young black and white cat, around 7 months old, and his owner Nomam sadly needs to find him a new home because a member of the family is becoming allergic to cats. Nomam says: ”Oreo is a 6/7 months old male, as yet not neutered, but I am planning to get him neutered before he goes to his new home – under CPs ‘£5 to neuter your cat’ scheme. He has had some vet treatment at Vets4Pets for fleas and worms 3 months ago – and was possibly vaccinated too (I will check). He is a good boy and enjoys love and affection. He is litter trained and prefers dry food. Currently, he does go outside, but I have been advised to keep him in until after he is neutered.”

Contact details now removed


   October 2020   

White and ginger Sugar needs a new home because the younger members of the family are moving away from Erdington to go to university, and the older members no longer feel able to give their cat the love and care he needs. He was named Sugar as a kitten, before he went to the vet to be neutered and it was discovered he was a boy!

His owner Faris confirms that Sugar is ‘aged 9, is neutered, regularly flea-treated, and was vaccinated as a kitten but not recently. He has no health problems, loves attention, is very calm, likes the outdoors on warm days but always stays in at night and uses his litter tray reliably. He likes Aldi pouches in jelly’.

He is free to a good home. Enquiries to Faris via e-mail –




Male Milo and tabby girl Velvet - born end of June 2019
now neutered and adopted - 
we're keeping their photos on to show the sort of images that appeal! 

milo velvet

** if on a low income/benefits, CP has a '£5 to neuter your cat' scheme - call 03000 121212 to ask which vets are taking part locally