Adopt via our Direct Homing Scheme

The North Birmingham Cats Protection Direct Rehoming Service is here to help cat-owners, cat carers and cat finders to rehome cats in need directly to new forever homes. Year on year, this scheme continues to successfully rehome cats from across North Birmingham and beyond.

Sadly, as a small local branch we are not able to take in every cat that needs a new home. For those looking to rehome their cats, we recommend asking friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues if they would like to adopt, calling the Cats Protection Adoption Centre on 01564 822020 to see if there are places available, or using our Direct Homing Scheme.

To add a cat in your care to this webpage, please email a full description of the cat (including age, health status, neuter/vaccination/microchip status and a bit about their personality and what type of home they would suit) along with a few good quality photos and your contact details to

This is referred to as a 'private adoption' as it is up to the potential adopter to liaise directly with the current carer to decide if the cat is suited to its possible new home. Equally, it is up to the current carer to decide whether the potential adopter will provide a good home, properly care for the cat, and keep the cat indoors in its new home for at least six weeks. The current carer continues to look after the cat until an adoption takes place.

We feature the cat on our website and give brief details as provided by the current owner, but we make no claim to accurate knowledge of the cat, its health, vaccination status, whether it is neutered, micro-chipped, etc. 

**Please note CP would expect ALL cats offered for adoption/rehoming to be neutered. Please ensure this is the case and, if on a low income or certain benefits, the '£5 to neuter your cat' scheme can be used. Call 0300 0121212 for details of participating vets in your area**

Cats featured will stay on the site until we are told that they have been rehomed or other arrangements made. Those who use the scheme need to let us know as soon as their cat has been rehomed so that the details can be removed from the website - otherwise they may well continue to receive unwanted calls. 

There are no adoption fees for the Direct Homing Scheme but either party may choose to make a donation to the branch if they wish, which is always much appreciated. 

To add a cat in your care, please email 





Arabella Grace is a 2 and a half year old cat looking for a new home due to a change in her owner’s living arrangement. She is a beautiful, inquisitive girl who is affectionate and loves to be stroked. She enjoys spending most of her day outdoors going on adventures and is very sociable with other cats. 

Arabella Grace is spayed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations. She eats wet and dry food. Arabella Grace would suit any household: she likes children and other pets. Outdoor access is a requirement, ideally away from busy roads. 

She would be rehomed with her cat carrier and bowls. To arrange a viewing in Sutton Coldfield, contact Lisa on 07702 782950 (please text first).



12 year-old Kitkat is a beautiful, healthy female cat looking for a quiet new home to live out her twilight years, as her current family have recently had children and she is finding it stressful. Kitkat can be shy at first but once she is comfortable with someone, she loves a fuss and can be very playful.

Kitkat has been spayed and is up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatment. She would do best in an adult only household, with no children or other pets. Access to a secure garden would be ideal as she loves lounging around in sunny spots, but not necessary as she spends more time indoors now she is older.

Kitkat would be rehomed with beds, litter trays, bowls, toys and carrier if wanted. Viewing would be in Shard End. To find out more, please contact Jennifer (preferably by text first) on 07902454517.


Brother (Sooti) and sister (Sooki) are 12 week old kittens looking for a home as a pair. Born 20th October, they have now been weaned from their mum Shyla (also available for rehoming) and are ready to find a forever home of their own.

The kittens will need their first vaccinations soon and to be neutered once they have reached 4/5 months. They are fully litter-trained and enjoy meat-flavoured wet food. They eat, sleep and play together, enjoying tunnels, high perches, cat beds, wand toys and soft balls.

Sooki is the most confident of the pair and likes to boss her brother around but they are both very energetic and friendly. So far, they have been indoor only but should be fine to go outdoors once they are older and fully vaccinated. They get on well with their mother and older brother so may be able to live with other animals. Sooki and Sooti are looking for a quiet home as they can be timid and easily scared by loud noises. They will need someone who can play with them regularly and spend most of the day with them, at least until they are settled and a bit older.

To meet these sweet siblings, please contact Sonia on 07512423427 (text first). Viewing will be in Handsworth.


year old mum Shyla and her son 9 month old Shelby are in need of a new home together. This gorgeous pair were taken in temporarily by carer Sonia while Shyla was heavily pregnant with a second litter of kittens. Now the kittens are old enough, it’s time for this bonded pair to find their forever home.

Both cats are in good health, neutered and microchipped. They are up to date with flea and worm treatments but need their vaccinations done. They are not fussy with food and have no issues using a litter tray.

Shyla is very affectionate, friendly and adapts easily to strangers, Shelby is a bit nervous and builds his confidence through his mother but enjoys some fuss once he trusts you. Both enjoy playtime (especially a wand toy), follow routine easily and are very independent. They are looking for a calm home with no children and no other pets.

To meet this perfect pair, please contact Sonia on 07512423427 (text first). Viewing will be in Handsworth.


One year old cat Lolo and her two three month old kittens Lucy and Soo are in need of new homes. Current carer Rafiq says they can go together or separately.

All three are in good health, though they need to be neutered and vaccinated. They are active and playful, fine around children and adults but have not been tested with other animals.

To meet Lolo, Lucy and Soo, please contact Rafiq on 07459322001. Viewings will be in Winson Green.


1 year old Rupert is a handsome, confident cat who loves human company. He was found straying by carer Cathy - despite her best efforts, she has been unable to find his previous owners and so is now looking for a new home for him.

Rupert has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, and is up to date with his flea and worm treatments. He has no known health problems and is a very clean boy. He is happy eating Whiskas and loves Dreamies! Rupert is a lively lad who enjoys fishing rods and catnip toys. When he has finished playing he loves a fuss and will roll on his back begging for attention before settling down to sleep.

Rupert needs a home with no other cats and no children. He has not been tested with dogs. Away from busy roads would be ideal, with a garden where he can safely spend some time outside. Please contact Cathy on 07833066575 to find out more and arrange a viewing in Great Barr, B44.


Beautiful long-haired cat Angel is in need of a new home, as her current owners are moving abroad. At 14 years old, she enjoys the quiet life but loves fuss and being petted. For an older cat, Angel is in excellent health aside from mild arthritis, and she has been spayed and is up to date with vaccinations.

Angel would need to go to a home that is adult only or with older children (10+) and no other pets. She would ideally like a small garden to spend some time outside but would be happy living indoors. Angel will come with a carrier, cat bowls and litter tray.

To meet Angel, please contact Mrs Khan on 07878810867 (text first). Viewing is in Ward End.



Lovely Lucy’s owner sadly passed away earlier this year and due to work commitments, the family are looking to find her a new home. Lucy is six years old and while nervous around strangers, once she gets to know someone she is a very affectionate and playful girl.

Lucy is in good health and has been spayed. Her annual vaccination is due in November - her current carers have said they would be happy to cover the cost of this. Lucy is an indoor only cat and would need to be the only pet in the house. She would be fine with older children. Lucy would be rehomed with her toys, carrier and bowls.

If you would like to arrange a viewing of Lucy in Sutton Coldfield, please contact Jo on 07899 973333 or Jason on 07843677017.





Beautiful Lofi would like to be rehomed together with her extraordinary little son Bobby. Lofi and Bobby are gentle souls who need a new home as they are currently living in a temporary accommodation. 

Current carer Sophie says: “Lofi is approx. 1 year old and a very friendly, sweet and calm girl who loves to be stroked. She was rescued from the street when pregnant. She loves attention and being pampered; she enjoys relaxing and often expresses her happiness by purring. Lofi’s son Bobby was born on 26th June and he is a playful young kitten who loves human company. Bobby also likes to explore everything around him and chase his toys.” 

Lofi and Bobby are both tabby and white mid-long hair and in very good health. Lofi has been spayed and microchipped. Bobby will be neutered and microchipped on 31st October. Both are up-to-date with their flea and worm treatments. They are currently indoor cats but would appreciate outdoor access to a garden once they are settled. Lofi and Bobby would be suitable with older children or adults only and would need to be the only animals in the house. They would be rehomed with their beds, carriers, bowls, toys, toilet and other accessories as required and preferred by new owner. 

To enquire about Lofi and Bobby in Birmingham, call Sophie on 07387436770 (please text first).

Photo of an orange and white cat lounging in the hanging bowl of a cat tree Photo of an orange and white cat stood on a cat tower, looking sweetly at the camera

Ginger and white gentleman Virgo is 3 years old and looking for a new home due to a change in circumstances for his owner. Virgo is a playful, boisterous cat who would benefit from someone who could be around with him for part of the day to help him burn off his excess energy. 

He is neutered and healthy but due his latest annual check-up and vaccinations soon. To arrange to meet this handsome lad, please contact Wen Shao on 07759323515 (please text first).



Young stray mum cat Cookie and her three adorable kittens are looking for homes of their own, after being taken in and cared for by Aurelie and Sandeep. Due to having three house cats of their own, they are unable to keep this young family but are committed to finding them safe and loving homes as soon as possible. The cats can go individually or as pairs. All of them are up to date with flea and worm treatments. Their favourite toys, bowls, and food for a few days will be provided. 

To enquire about any of this gorgeous set, contact Sandeep on 07828979666 or Aurelie on 07417488352 (preferably by text first). Viewings will be in Acocks Green.

Cookie is a young cat (exact age unknown) who was found as a stray while pregnant and then gave birth to five kittens. She is very friendly and loves fuss. Cookie needs a permanent loving home to live her life to the fullest. 

Cookie is extremely cuddly, vocal and affectionate. She will shortly be spayed but still needs her vaccinations. Cookie does have some tummy issues and teeth problems: she will need a clean and extraction. Aurelie and Sandeep believe Cookie could be an indoor or outdoor cat, and while she could live with other cats, she would be just as happy as an only cat - she prefers human company. She is untested with dogs and friendly with children.

Photo of a black and white kitten sat upright on a cat tower, looking curious

UPDATE 27/9/23: Tuxy has been adopted - we wish him lots of happiness in his new forever home! Tuxy is a male, 3 month old (as of 18th September) kitten with no health issues. He is a charming, curious boy who loves playing with feather toys and cuddling in laps. 

Photo of a black kitten with a little bit of white on her chest, walking confidently towards the camera

Whippy is a female, 3 month old (as of 18th September) kitten with no health issues. She is adventurous, charming and loves attention. Aurelie and Sandeep believe she would do well with another cat, either one of her siblings or if there is already a cat in the household. 

Whippy needs vaccinating and spaying once she is old enough. Aurelie and Sandeep say she would be fine on her own or with another cat, is good with children, untested with dogs. So far she has only lived indoors but may enjoy a secure garden on a quiet road when she is older. 

Photo of a black kitten splayed out in the middle of a scratcher toy, pulling at a spring

Blacky is a female, 3 month old (as of 18th September) kitten with no health issues. She is energetic, likes to follow humans around and enjoys both playtime and cuddles. 

Blacky needs vaccinating and spaying once she is old enough. Aurelie and Sandeep say she is good with children, untested with dogs. Blacky loves having another cat around and so if possible would prefer to be adopted with one of her siblings or mum Cookie. So far she has only lived indoors but may enjoy a secure garden on a quiet road when she is older.




Emma of Smiths Wood is looking for new homes for her ‘family of three cats’ because of a change in her personal circumstances forcing an imminent move. Her 3 lovely cats can go separately if necessary and will still be happy. They are neutered/spayed, litter trained, flea/worm treated, eat well (Go-cat and Whiskas), and enjoy the outdoors. All three enjoy a diet of dry food and wet, and spending time in the garden.   


Says Emma: “White and black Missy is Mum. She is 8 years old – a lovely girl who loves exploring and enjoys a fuss – playful and good with children. She’s the most adventurous of the clan – she can spend a sunny day in the outdoors but always back home for food and a fuss. White with tabby eyebrows is Bob - 6 years old and chilled – happy to be left to his own devices. A lone wolf who keeps to himself most of the time. But he gives a tap on the arm when he needs fuss – or food! He limps a little in cold weather so as the vet says ‘probably a bit of arthritis but not concerning’. So his greatest need is a warm, comfortable place for a rest.


“Gina is a 6 year-old torti-and-white girl. She’s chipped, super chatty and loves to be around people. She'd like to be homed alone as she prefers to be away from her Mum and brother! She’s affectionate and loves attention. She joins in human conversations with a plaintiff meow and purr. 

To enquire, contact Emma via e-mail: or 07545915368, text/whatsapp if preferred.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Purrlease - adopt this purrfect purr-pair! 

Terrific-looking twosome Lola and Ed need a new home as their owner's 2-year-old toddler has upset their many years of ‘total peace’! Lola is a pure-white 10-year-old and her long-time ginger and white companion Ed is 7 years old – so of course they need to be rehomed together. 

Owner Laura says: “Lola can be shy, but likes fuss on her own terms. Ed is more loving and more bouncy. Both are spayed/neutered/vaccinated - Lola is chipped too and we are checking whether Ed was chipped when he was neutered at Value-Vets. So far, they have been indoor cats, so they could either go to their new home as indoor cats or if their adopter has a safe garden and lives on a quiet road they could ‘give them a try' at the great outdoors. We think they would be okay with older respectful children or an adult-only home - but no dogs. They enjoy most brands of wet food and Whiskas biscuits, and are reliable with their litter trays.” 

Lola and Ed can go to their new home with their toys, carrier, litter trays and bowls. To chat about the cats, call (preferably text first) Laura on 07476513143. A viewing would be in Kingstanding. 



Tabu is an 'older girl' with white whiskers and bib, who is spayed and flea/worm treated. Her current carer, Sonia, says she was a ’stray from nearby, and was being fed for many years by an elderly lady’.

Says Sonia: “Healthwise, she seems good for her age, which is 11-12 years old. I’m finding her friendly and enjoying Felix pouches, She uses a cat flap, and likes to sleep on the veranda! Loves time with me to play and have fuss. Tabu should be an only pet, no children, basically a quiet home. A new owner would likely want to get her vaccinated and chipped.” 

To express an interest in Tabu, contact Sonia (preferably text first) on 07512423427 – a viewing would be in Handsworth.


For those on a low income/certain benefits, CP has a '£5 to neuter your cat' scheme. Call 03000 121212 to ask which vets are taking part locally.