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Kittens, kittens everywhere
No homes, no love, and sick
PLEASE vaccinate and neuter – That will do the trick!

Oh dear – here we go again! Every year our branch takes in multiple litters from gardens and sheds – and this year is no exception. Most come in with some sort of health problem from a bad flea infestation to ' blown eyes'. Pictures of past  season’s suffering kittens show just what we mean – and eyes like this are a result of cat flu and fluid ‘building up’ in the eye. If the surface becomes ulcerated, the eye can burst. 

And the solution is so simple – if we could get the message across to EVERYONE that cats must be vaccinated and neutered!

When anyone starts to (kindly!) feed a stray, they should first check the cat is neutered.

If you are feeding feral cats, they should all be neutered (otherwise you will find you are feeding more cats than you can count!)  When Cats Protection trap, neuter and release feral cats, we tip (remove a small triangle) of the cat’s left ear. So if the ear is complete, ie, not tipped, then that particular cat isn’t neutered.

If you are feeding an un-neutered feral cat, or if you think a friend or neighbour is doing so, please call our helpline on 0345 260 1503. The terrible truth is that an un-neutered female can be responsible for 20,000 descendants in just 5 years (with her litters having litters and so on).  Sadly, most of the kittens will develop health problems through infections as well as congenital defects through inbreeding. And with the best will in the world, we can’t find loving homes for all of today’s unwanted cats – let alone hundreds – or thousands – more!

We Need YOUR Help to Spread the Word about LOW COST Neutering!

Neutering offers nothing but benefits (click here to find out more) as well as calling time on reproduction!  With a CP special voucher, neutering can be carried out for a small top-up charge. Vouchers are available to cat/kitten owners in the North Birmingham area postcodes who are on low income or benefits. Students away from home often qualify.  For more details please call us on 0345 260 1503

If you live in South Birmingham, please visit the South Birmingham website or call the branch on 0845 371 1854The Birmingham Adoption Centre covers the whole of the West Midlands and can be contacted on 01564 822020 or by visiting their Website.  If you live in another area, please visit our main site for details of your nearest branch.

With benefits of neutering so huge - and financial help to hand – it’s difficult to understand why everyone doesn’t do it - at least for their own much-loved cat. But sadly evidence shows that not all pet cats are neutered.

So all of us who love cats need to get the message out there - and this is where you come in.  All of you – and your friends, family and colleagues too. Help us to raise awareness in any way you can – of what we do as a charity but more importantly about the ‘Need to Neuter’ and the vouchers we can offer.

Remember, stray and feral populations continue to grow despite our best efforts – and more so in the inner city areas. So, wherever you live, please spread the word. It will help, and our furry friends will be grateful. If you can help us publicise the value and importance of neutering (for instance, you might have access to a community notice board or run a group) please contact us.  Our trained education speakers can come to your school or community group and give a workshop or talk about responsible pet ownership, cat care, and the work of the local branch of the charity. Our information leaflets are available in a number of languages: English,  Urdu,  GujaratiPunjabi,  BengaliHindi