What We Do - COVID-19 Update

Cats Protection is the largest feline welfare charity in the UK, and nationwide we rehome around 60,000 cats and kittens every year, as well as promoting responsible cat ownership. 
We are a small but busy adoption centre located in Archway, North London.  Our team take in cats from the local area, carry out any necessary medical treatments, and then match them to new homes.

Please note that although we are offering adoptions, it isn't currently possible to view the cats in person.  Our cattery makes incredible use of a very small space, which means that whilst we have big pens for our cats, corridors are narrow and social distancing is extremely difficult.  The work our dedicated team do is incredibly important, and if we were all to become unwell there would be no one to care for the cats.  For this reason we are operating with more restrictions than larger Cats Protection sites.

Our Hands-Free Homing scheme launched in April 2020 and has been an incredible success.  We collect lots of information about our cats' likes and dislikes from their owners before they come into care, and then combine this with our own observations to ensure the information provided on our website is as accurate and honest as possible.  All our cats have profile photos and the vast majority will be advertised with videos of them interacting with our staff.  We will give you their full medical history (if known) and are happy to answer any questions, so that you can adopt with confidence.

As well as adoptions, we also take in cats in need of rehoming from the surrounding area.  We carry out any necessary veterinary treatments before finding new homes for them.  If you are considering rehoming your cat, please give us a call on 020 7272 6048 to discuss this further.  Our team can provide all sorts of advice on cat care and behaviour, although we regret that we can't offer veterinary advice or treatments for owned cats.

We also run a small shop from our centre.  As well as selling all the basics brand new, we sell a wide range of pre-loved items at bargain prices.  All second hand items are fully cleaned using the same animal-safe disinfectant that we use in our cattery.  Our pre-loved stock is ever changing but usually includes items such as carriers, cat trees, scratching posts, beds, bowls, litter trays and toys.  

You can get the latest updates on all that's going on at the North London Adoption Centre, by checking out our Facebook page, and our Twitter and Instagram feeds. You can see the cats and kittens, plus we have interesting facts about the benefits of cat ownership, tips on caring for them, and plenty of cute cat photos. Please follow us and come and say hello!

More information on the work of Cats Protection can be found here.