Adopt a cat

 If you need to rehome a cat or have found a stray living in your garden please email  to Spaces are limited so it will be on a first come first serve basis. The cat will undergo all relevant treatments and their forever homes will be found for them.

The potential new owners can visit the cat to see if they are a match. At present we are not doing home checks but your location will be checked to see if the cat is suitable where you live.

Due to increasng cost of vet bills, food and litter our adoption fee for an adult cat is now £90  and  £110 for a kitten.

If you have any problems with your new arrival we are only a telephone call or email away.

Please note that we will not rehome kittens as indoor cats (unless for health reasons) as we believe every kitten should have a chance to go outside and play.

Adult cats that have always been indoor cats will be assessed to see if they would like to go outside given the chance unless there is a good reason health wise for them to be indoor (ie FIV/FELV) cats. 

Why Choose a Rescued Cat?
There are lots of reasons why re-homing a rescued cat is preferable to buying a cat or kitten.

  • Why buy a kitten or cat when you can instead make a donation and adopt one that is homeless. There is a huge choice available - from youngsters to oldies, different coat lengths and colours and different personalities. We also rescue pedigrees as well as moggies.
  • Rescued cats from a reputable organisation such as Cats Protection will have been fully vet-checked before being put up for adoption. Any medical history will be fully disclosed so you know what you are getting into.
  • Cats Protection also take time to assess each individual cat. Where information is available from the previous home, important details such as temperament, experience with dogs and other cats and people, will help ensure you choose the right cat to suit your needs and personal situation.
  • Help will always be on the end of the phone. Reassurance that free of charge advice is on hand should you encounter difficulties - will you really be able to phone the person in the newspaper advert from five years ago?