What we do

We encourage the neutering of all cats. We are currently offering reduced cost neutering for all cats over the age of 4 months  - and free neutering for kittens which have been homed by us. To request help with the cost of neutering, please phone 03453714216, pop in and see us or contact us through a PM on Facebook. We also neuter feral cats and in addition can provide them with food. We are always looking for safe places to re-locate neutered ferals, if you have stables, a small holding or some land that we could use to do this - we would love to hear from you. For further information please contact our branch.
Some of our cats are looked after by our fosterers, either in a pen in their garden or a designated room in their home.
Cat care
We also have a range of information leaflets on cat care at our branch at River Street, Ayr. We can also provide advice and information on cat care, cat queries or any other problems related to cats over the phone or at the branch.