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We Need Volunteers!

Here is how you can help your local branch!

At Spalding and District Cats Protection we urgently need your help. We are in need of fundraisers to assist us to continue raising the funds to carry on with the rescue and rehabiliation of unwanted cats and kittens. You don't need to be able to give alot of your time, but the ability to spread the events amongst more volunteers would make it easier for the branch to attend more.

We also require a Fundraising Organiser to organise events for Spalding and District Branch. To be able to organise our own events as well as keeping up to date with the events in the local area.

If you are able to help with anything then please contact either 01775 725661 or email us at spaldingcats@live.co.uk for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

The most valuable thing you can give is a little of your time.