The Branch is supported by volunteers.  We are always looking for new volunteers and supporters to help us in our day to day work. 

Volunteering with us is very rewarding, worthwhile and doesn't have to take up a lot of your time.  You can give as much or as little time as you can and we know that that may change from day to day.  Whatever time you can give is a brilliant boost for our Branch and gives you something back in return, friendships, experience and the 'feel good' factor that helping cats gives.  We provide training, where necessary, for volunteer roles such as home visitors, fosterers and fundraisers.

There are lots of ways you can help, possibly some you haven't thought of:

  • Fundraisers who turn out in all weathers and to all sorts of events to raise funds to pay for all of the cats' and kittens' needs
  • Home Visitors who visit everyone wishing to adopt
  • Knitters who knit toys for the cats and kittens, and baby clothes to sell on our market stall
  • Cake bakers who bake for our events
  • Fosterers who foster the cats and kittens

The list is endless and without all of the volunteers our Branch would not be able to help as many cats and kittens that we do.

We are always on the look out for more volunteers - see Volunteers needed page

However much or little time you feel you have to spare, your help will always be welcomed. Be it on a regular, occasional or one-off basis, we really would love to hear from you.