Success Storie - Alfie

Alfie came in as a stray who had very definite opinions about where he wanted to live.
Unwanted by his owners he was not a cat who liked to be confined which is typical of ginger cats.

Alfie's adopter fell in love with him at first sight and worked hard to integrate Alfie into the 'family'.

Says Alfie's new adopter: 'We found that all Alfie really needed was lots of TLC. He is now friends (well mostly!!) with our existing black and white cat and has settled now to become a loving and affectionate part of the family.

At the first opportunity, though, he ran away and our neighbours were very supportive in helping to find him.

As usual, it was his stomach that brought him back in the end-- boys and their food!

Alfie is my first rescue cat, but I would urge anyone to go to Cats Protection, and not be put off by what may seem an initially difficult cat - they all respond to love and cuddles.'!