Shadow's Story (A cat's view of his adoption)

22 November 2016

A couple of months ago I was kidnapped. Everything was so different and scary, the first week was hard for both me and my abductors, but then I began to settle in and things got better. I learnt how to play and forage for treats and after 3 weeks they also encouraged me to go out. At first I found this scary, especially when the wind blew through the trees but my new carers came out with me for the first few days until I felt more confident. There are still...

Dave & Timmy finally get their forever home

25 August 2014

An update on Dave  and Timmy from their new owner Mandy: Dave & Timmy continue to settle in - small improvements each day for Timmy. Being able to go outside helped but it is a challenge getting Timmy in for bed! He spent the first week or so outside watching everything & everybody from under a shrub but was out in the open more this weekend & was chasing round the garden with Dave! Timmy is definitely the ring-leader - two minutes after ...