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Arwen at home

06 September 2014
Arwen at home We have a lovely update on Arwen from her new owner -

Arwen arrived into my life two days ago and is already making herself at home. She made a bed under my bed to start with, but is now quite confident and getting used to the noises and smells of my home after 8 months under your care. She still doesn't like loud noises or sudden movements, but has taken to following me everywhere, and looks very smart in her pink union jack collar.

She has the loudest purr I have ever heard and I can't wait to introduce her to the garden in a couple of weeks time. She is galloping up and down the stairs, so that little tummy will be reduced in no time, and I'm really looking forward to taking her on holiday with me in November for an adventure in Northumberland.

Thank you for looking after her and I hope she likes her forever home.