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Dave & Timmy finally get their forever home

25 August 2014
An update on Dave  and Timmy from their new owner Mandy:

Dave & Timmy continue to settle in - small improvements each day for Timmy.
Being able to go outside helped but it is a challenge getting Timmy in for bed!
He spent the first week or so outside watching everything & everybody from under
a shrub but was out in the open more this weekend & was chasing round the garden
with Dave! Timmy is definitely the ring-leader - two minutes after getting into
mischief, you can rely on Dave being there getting into mischief too!

They are both gentle, sweet natured cats & it's lovely to see them together -
they obviously like being together. Although it's obviously going to take a
while for Timmy to be confident of his home, surroundings & me, I'm so pleased
to be sharing my life with them. They are such characters, it's a joy to watch
their personalities beginning to come through.

Saturday, they decided to come in & spend time inside with me when it was
raining - or rather Timmy decided & Dave followed! I managed to walk in a room
yesterday without Timmy running out of it, & this morning I woke up to find Dave
& Timmy sleeping next to me, when normally it's just Dave so improvements

Feel free to call in anytime you're passing & say hello to them & thank you
again for letting me adopt them - they're adorable.