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Gibson's Adventure

25 August 2021

Gibson has disappeared from home twice in the past two years. On both occasions, his family did all the right things. Gibson was microchipped so they informed the microchip company that he was missing. They contacted Cats Protection and all their local vets. They trawled local social media and put up posts and photos themselves. They put posters around their area and spent hours walking around calling for Gibson. They asked local people to check their sheds, garages, and greenhouses. 

Eventually, after several days, some sharp-eyed neighbours noticed Gibson on a roof. On both occasions he was up on a roof (different roofs) and could not climb down. So a risky climb up a ladder for his owner, a very relieved, rather dehydrated and hungry Gibson grabbed and happily returned home. 

So the moral of this story is twofold.  

Firstly, publicise your cat widely in your area, on one occasion it was a FB message that alerted the neighbour. On the second occasion, it was a poster, as the lady who saw him does not access social media. 

And secondly, look up!!! Some cats are great at climbing – but less good at getting down again.