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Meet some of Stamfords cats

04 December 2022
Meet some of Stamfords cats Stamford have rehomed over 80 cats so far this year but there are still a few who are waiting to be homed. Let's meet some of the cats currently in Stamfords care...

Bart Bart came into the Stamford branch quite stressed and hadnt been coping with his home life even though he was much loved. He had an eye infection which now needs an operation. He hasnt been homed as yet but is doing really well and is far more relaxed. 

Pusdion and Promethepus Pusdion and Promethepus recently joined Stamford branch after their owner sadly passed away. They enjoy each others company and even share the same bed! 

 Lolly  Lolly is a lovely 4 year old who has recently had to have ear surgery.