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Orphaned Kittens

03 May 2021
Orphaned Kittens

As a new fosterer in 2021, Emma was asked and willingly volunteered to take on hand rearing 3 one week old kittens that had sadly been orphaned.

Well.. what a challenge! Emma was supplied with all of the Cats Protection materials she needed alsong side Google and the help of her Branch Coordinator, Emma helped the 3 orphanded kittens have a great start in life.
Hand rearing those 3 tiny kittens was the start of Emma's fostering journey and saw it as such a learning curve!!

The real reward however, was seeing the 3 kittens end up in 3 fabulous homes. Emma has received fantastic updates from all 3 owners who now have 3 much loved gorgeous grown up cats.

This started Emmas kitten journey with CP and this year alone she has fostered over 30 kittens from 1 week up until 12 weeks old, ranging from wild born to feral or tame mums to abandoned tame kittens, given up house kittens and everything in between. 

If you would like to become a fosterer like Emma take a look at our fostering information
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