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Pumpkin settles in

24 September 2013
Pumpkin settles in Do you remember the gorgeous Pumpkin we had in a few weeks ago.  Well, she has been adopted and we have had an lovely update from her new owner.  We are so happy that Pumpkin has settled in so quickly - we love happy endings and thank you for giving her a second chance in life. 

Here is her new owners update:

'I picked up Pumpkin and within four days it's like she's always been here. I've had rescue cats before but I've never had one that has settled in so quickly with no signs of stress. Her favourite places are currently on my bed (especially if I'm in it) or on the couch. One of her favourite things to do appears to be following me around especially up and down stairs. She purrs a lot and her tail is almost always in the air. I think I've found the perfect little companion. :-)'