What we do

Neutering   The misery suffered by many cats when they are left un-neutered is a huge problem and one that we are determined to alleviate. In the last ten years we have issued over 9,000 neutering vouchers and the branch will continue with the ongoing neutering campaign. We help with neutering by providing vouchers towards the cost of this, if you would like to find out more and to see if you are eligible for a voucher please email enquiries@stamford.cats.org.uk or call 01780 660 266.

Adoption  When you contact us to enquire about adopting a cat, you will first speak with our Welfare Officer who will take some details from you. We will then contact you to arrange a convenient date/time for a homing visit. Cats we have in our care are continually changing so please click here to see all cats ready for adoption. 

Fundraising  Your financial support is vital to enable us to maintain our feline welfare work. If you would like to become one of our amazing fundraising volunteers or would like to take on a fundraising challege or event to raise funds for Stamford, please get in touch here. 

Lost and Found  If you have lost a cat please report this to us and we will post the details on the ‘Lost and Found’ page of our website. If you find a cat then report it to our branch and together we will try and locate it’s original owner. Please click here to see all the current lost and found cats.

Home to Home  People need us to help them find a new home for their cat and  normally we will bring these cats into our care. On occasion you might be able to continue to look after your cat until we find a new home. This can often mean we can find a new home for your cat quicker as they do not need to wait for an available space in our care.