Lost and Found

We keep a Lost & Found register at the Adoption Centre - to add your lost/found cat to the list, please call 01744 817718 11am - 3pm.

Whether you have lost or found a cat we also recommend:

  • Put leaflets through neighbours doors
  • Put posters on lamposts
  • Put poster in local shop
  • Notify vets/rescues
  • Advertise in the local paper
  • Visit www.mymoggy.com to check/report lost/found pets

If you have found a pet, please be aware it is probably someone's pet that is not lost but is just visiting you for extra comfort/food.  Please ask  your local vet to check the cat to see if it is microchipped.  As cats can easily travel over a mile each day it is not possible for you to knock on every door so let the cat take the message for you - put a collar on the cat and sellotape a note on saying "Do I belong to you?Please call xxxxxxxxxx" and put your telephone number on. If you do not have a collar you can make one out of paper by simply using a sheet of paper folded over several times to make a long thin strip like a collar.   

If you have lost your cat and are lucky enough that they return, please consider asking your vet to microchip the cat so that you can be more easily traced if the cat goes missing again.  You can also put a safety "snap" collar on (which snaps apart should your cat get stuck to prevent harm) and enables you to put a tag on your cat with your contact details on.

If you are unlucky and your cat does not return despite all your efforts, please do not consider replacing your pet too soon.  Cats can return many weeks later and would be distressed to find a strange cat in their house!