Success Stories

This page is dedicated to the fantastic cats and their adopters! We want to showcase the stories where cats have been adopted successfully and have settled into their new homes.

If you have adopted one of our cats and would like to feature on this page, please send an email with a quick update as to how your cat is doing, and if possible, a photo: 

Can't wait to hear from you

 Mungo and Jerry

Mungo and Jerry are both very well settled in their new home. They spent the first few days hiding, but after four weeks they have come around. Mungo is a lap cat and loves a love. Jerry is a little more unsure but will come to you when he wants to, and has one hell of a purr!

They enjoy sitting on the windowsill, watching the birds and wild rabbits! (See photo). I dread to think what will happen when we let them outside! They are two very cheeky cats, but totally adorable at the same time!