Volunteer Roles!

This feature focuses on the branch volunteers , without whom we would not be able to operate. The branch is staffed entirely by these wonderful people who dedicate their time to helping cats in our area.
Please read on for information on the varied roles our volunteers perform
-Homing Volunteer
-Welfare Volunteer
-Home from Home Volunteer
-General (but vital!!) Volunteer
-Lost and Found Volunteer
-Web Administrator

Our Secretary
I’m the Secretary and have two large filing cabinets at home crammed with all the documents for CP, together with a stock of forms, since I do branch ordering from HQ.

Being Secretary involves writing to companies for support and store collections, asking organisations if they want talks done, taking minutes and distributing them.

I also do the Gift Aid claims on donations from people who pay Income Tax and also arrange volunteers for the store collections (which I do myself, dressed in a pink fur cat costume). This makes it easier to engage children, but I do have to remember that I’m not wearing it when I’m out shopping as I could easily be mistaken for a really strange person if I wave to kiddies out with their parents when in ordinary clothes! There have been occasions when I’ve worn it on the bus in order to get into Hanley and this has nearly provoked car crashes.

At present, I’m the primary contact for prospective volunteers and get pieces published in The Cat magazine and The Sentinel. There’s also a large amount of CP items preventing me using my back room – so you could say I’m a storage person too 
To add to the piece already sent: the particular part I like is the collections, as you meet extremely nice people when standing outside stores. It’s not too uncomfortable from a hot/cold /wet weather perspective and it’s quite good for money raising too!

By now, I’m well known for having CP affiliations, and even last week had two letters addressed to Sue Bourne, Cats Protection, Weston Coyney - which reached me despite having no road details. They enclosed stamps, which I collect, and are sent off to raise cash.

-Sue Bourne