Lost and Found

We are no longer using the website service for managing the Lost and Found cats activity, however, please see information below on how to report such incidents to us.
If you would like to advertise a lost or found cat, please email lostandfound@stoke.cats.org.uk giving as much detail as indicated below. Alternatively, you can go straight to our facebook page (copy and paste link below) and post your information on there.


If you do not have access to the internet, please review the information below and then contact us on: 0345 260 1385
LOST CATS - If your cat has gone missing, please follow the guidelines below:
1) Create a poster with a picture of your cat, showing details of: name / age / sex / microchipped or not / neutered / used to outdoors or not / friendly or shy / your name and contact number / area missing from (preferable street and area but not house number). If you do not have a picture, please ensure you describe the cat, its features and if wearing a collar.

2) Contact all of your neighbours and ask them to check their garages / sheds / outhouses / hedges regularly and leave them your contact number.

3) Put the posters up in the local amenities - eg: shops / neighbourhood centres

4) Send a copy of the information in 1) to us at the above email address, or post it straight on the facebook page.

5) Access other websites (etc) to advertise your cat
FOUND CATS  - If you have found a cat, please follow the guidelines below or give us a call on 0345 260 1385.
1) All vets offer a free microchip checking service, so please take the cat to a vets if you are able to have it checked for a microchip; if it is micro chipped the vets will endeavor to contact the owner. If it does not have a microchip, ask the vets if they can put a paper collar (write 'is this your cat' with your details) on the cat. Ask them to give an approximate age.  Is it male or female and if male, is it neutered? If you are unable to get the cat to a vets, please contact us on 0345 260 1385

2) Try not to feed the cat initially as it will simply encourage it to stay with you.  Do feed it if you feel the cat is at extreme risk initially, until you can establish if it is owned or not.

3) Try and get a photo of the cat and send it in to lostandfound@stoke.cats.org.uk with details of your address so that we can post it on our Facebook page.

4) Knock on a few neighbour's doors to ask if they know the cat and who it may belong to.

5) Print out a poster and place in local shops.

6) If, after two weeks, you have no success in tracking the owner, please contact us again on 0345 260 1385 and we will look to support rehoming the cat via our Home from Home program.