Success Stories

We always enjoy hearing from new owners about how their cat or kitten has settled in. Here are some recent 'success stories'.

Walter and Jessie

Walter and Jessie 2On the 11th/12th August two kittens were heartlessly dumped in a tatty cat carrier on the door step of our shop in Lower High Street. As we had no empty pens in our branch, we were at a loss about where we could put them; luckily the shop manager kindly helped out and took them home. Although they had been through a horrible few days, obviously living with a family for 8-10 weeks, then dumped at the shop possibly in the night or early hours of the morning, these kittens showed amazing spirit and for the next two weeks remained in the care of our shop manager. Our Branch Co-ordinator took them to the vets for their health check and blood test, and all was good!

Walter and Jessie 1

They were aged around 3½ – 4 months, and a boy and girl. As they had had their 1st vaccination and been microchipped, it was time to try and find these babies a nice family to live with forever. A few people came forward but, for various reasons, they couldn't offer the right homes at this time for these kittens.
The next couple that approached us were perfect. Three days later the Branch Co-ordinator delivered these gorgeous kittens to their new home, to meet their new mom and dad; the rest, as they say, is history. Within half an hour ‘Walter and Jessie’ were exploring under sofas, in the kitchen and behind the TV!   The pictures say it all... Good luck Walter and Jessie and thanks to new "parents" Andy and Izzie.

Meet Smokey

Smokey the catSmokey was called Shila when she came into our care. She came in with a really bad skin condition, which meant all the fur under her chin was missing. Her previous owner had taken her to the vet to be put to sleep, a big decision to make as Shila was only around 2-3 years old!
The vet contacted us and luckily we had a space with fosterer Trish (which was just about to be filled by another cat), so she came into our care.
We paid to get her skin condition treated and when she was well enough she was put up for adoption. Before long Smokey went to her new forever home, with Sarah.
Sarah sent the following email to foster mum Trish...

"Can you believe we have had Smokey for just over a year now!  She's such a lovely cat - she adores everyone, and everyone adores her.  Every night, without fail, she sleeps curled up to me on the bed and remains there until I get up in the morning.  Sometimes if she gets fed up of waiting, she meews at me until I get the message, but she's so faithful, she doesn't move until I get up.  Ahhhhh.
This spring she caught her first bird. I was not happy. She brought it to me and dropped it proudly at my feet.  The little chick was still alive and luckily after it had dried off it flew away.  She knew I wasn't happy and has not brought me any more presents since then! She comes when I call her and is usually found following me around as I potter about in the garden."

Belle & Sky
Picture of Belle and Sky
Kittens Belle and Sky certainly fell on their paws when new owner Amy
Whitehouse chose them as her new housemates. After a 15 year gap in
ownership Amy was initially looking for one kitten but she was smitten when
she met 6 week old sisters Bella (now called Belle) and Sky.

“I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them,” said Amy who took them
home soon afterwards where they soon settled in and proved their worth as
great companions.

As well as following her around the house, they are more likely than not to
be found sitting on the computer keyboard or ‘helping’ with Amy’s paperwork.

Although they look innocent, they love nothing better than getting into mischief
in an open sock drawer and leaving a trail of mismatched hosiery behind!

“Belle & Sky have really become part of the family,” said a delighted Amy.
“No one ever comes round just to me anymore – they all want to come to say
hello to the kitties!”

Benji with cobwebsBenji

I would like to thank you for helping me find a lovely home.

I am settling in well and now have the run of the house, and have started exploring outside. I was a bit cautious at first but now I love the garden (and the neighbours' gardens!). I am much less timid now and let my staff stroke me - I love rolling around and looking cute. I like football, although the staff moan about having to keep looking for my footballs when they get lost in crevices and under the settee. I also like pulling the magnets off the fridge but they say I am useful as I have been helping clean by crawling behind furniture and coming out covered in cobwebs; really they should keep my house a bit cleaner!

There is a picture of me after helping clean the conservatory attached.

Ruby with slippersRuby / Callie

This is Ruby (was Callie), who was adopted by Geraldine and Chris. Ruby was advertised as 'free to whoever wants her' on Facebook and a concerned member of the public took her in but could not keep her. 

She's certainly landed on her feet with Geraldine and Chris who spoil her rotten and give her lots of love - she's wearing them out playing though! They are thrilled to bits with her and she settled in beautifully from day one. She has already worked her way onto the end of their bed to sleep at night and she loves Chris's slippers!


Odile is a partially deaf and partially sighted girl who      
had been with us for quite a while.  But then along 
came Serena who said without hesitation "That's
the girl for me".  And she was right.  Here is Odile
in her new home, being pampered and, at last, living 
the happy life she deserves.  Serena says she is her 
little darling and she couldn't live without her.  Just 
goes to show there's someone for every cat in the