What we do

The Strathspey Branch was established in 1992. 

The area that we cover is within the Cairngorms National Park (bounded by Grantown to the North, Dalwhinnie to the South, Advie to the East and Laggan to the West) and includes may beautiful mountains, lochs and the scattered settlements within the valleys of the River Spey and its many tributaries.

The area has many large sporting estates and forestry plantations and is very popular with tourists  – in the warmer months for outdoor activities, wildlife watching etc and in winter for snow sports.

The area is famous for its varied wildlife and the branch is involved in a national campaign to save one of our most iconic highland species; the Scottish Wildcat. Learn more about this species using this link: www.savingwildcats.org.uk.
The mains aims of our branch are to:
  • Find good homes for cats in need. The branch has a small number of very dedicated fosterers and a very successful track record of placing both pet and feral cats into new homes.
  • Support and encourage the neutering of cats. The area has a relatively low population therefore a small number of potential homes for cats. Feral/non neutered pet cats are interbreeding with the native wildcat and diluting its genetic stock. For these reasons the Branch offers a completely free neutering programme through a voucher system in conjunction with our local vet.
  • Improve the understanding of cats and their care within the local population. We are always ready to advise and support cat owners and potential cat owners.

Scottish Wildcat kitten, Saving Wildcats