Lost and Found

What to do if your cat is lost
Don’t forget to check that your cat has not been accidentally shut in somewhere. Check your cupboards (airing cupboards are favoured places), sheds and cars and get your neighbours to check too. Inform Helpline on 0345 260 2101 or email swanseacats@hotmail.co.uk

Check on the Animal Search UK website

Phone any vets within a 10-12 mile radius. Missing pets are often taken to vets to look after. Don’t forget to also inform the R.S.P.C.A, P.D.S.A, vets and the local animal welfare department of your local council. Put up posters in your area and in local shops Include the cats name, a good description, the area from which it was lost and your telephone number. Check Gumtree the website, Llys Nini facebook, Swansea Cats Protection facebook and UK petsearch – we have   recently had a lot of success using these sites.  The more people that know your cat is missing the more chance you have of finding it.
If your cat is micro-chipped then register that fact that your cat is lost with them and make sure all of your contact details are up to date.

What to do when your cat is found
Inform the organizations you contacted so that your cat is removed from their registers. Take down any posters you may have produced.

What to do if you find a lost cat

If possible check the cats collar and check it does not have an address or telephone number through which you can contact the owner directly. Contact the Helpline 0345 260 2101 with as good a description as you can give. including where the cats was found, colour, sex and any distinguishing marks Contact R.S.P.C.A, P.D.S.A and put an advert in the Evening Echo under “lost and found” (this is a free for found cats). Consider taking the cat round to your local vet so that he can scan him for a microchip that may identify the owner.

How to reduce the chance of losing your cat
Make sure your cat is kept in at night with a litter tray. TIP: If you make sure you give him the best meal in the evening you can easily lock him in for the night. Fit a quick release collar with your address and telephone number on a tag (Please do not use barrels as the bottoms fall off with the details in it). Have your cat microchipped, so that if he is lost he is easily identified (even if the collar has come off). If you are out a lot you may think about keeping two cats as cats often wander off to seek company. Remember, that if your cat is lost, report it promptly.