Lost and Found

General advice

If you lose or find a cat it is important to ADVERTISE!

With many households having a computer and digital camera, it is quick and easy to make small adverts to go in local shops and supermarkets, newsagents, vets and other places like libraries.

  • A4 advert for shops etc.
  • A5 (1/2 A4) to put in freezer bags and tape to lampposts.
  • A7 (1/8 A4) to put through local letterboxes. A 400 metre radius at least.

The important point is to get people looking for the cat/owner as soon as possible.

When advertising a FOUND cat, do NOT put full information/description, you can then check that it is the true owner by getting them to describe their cat minutely. eg eye colour, unusual/distinctive markings etc.

MYTH - cats will always find their way home!

NO - if they get out of the local area they are familiar with; they are LOST.