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The main requirements of a fosterer are patience and understanding towards animals of varying temperaments, as they will have come to you from a range of different circumstances and backgrounds. You will also need to meet potential adopters, as they may come to view the cat(s).

Almost anyone can foster, you just need spare time to care for cats, be confident around cats, have a caring but practical personality, enjoy interacting with people and are happy to follow our cat care standards and charity policies. 

In return for your time, commitment and all the TLC you can offer cats we provide everything that you and your foster cat will require:

• Cat accommodation eg equipment to adapt a spare room

• Food, litter, bedding, bowls, litter trays and toys for your foster cat

• Veterinary treatment for Cats Protection cats/kittens in your care

  • Help, support and training so you feel confident and happy as a fosterer

On the practical side, you must have a car, whether this be for picking up any supplies or for transport to the vets.
You can foster if you have other pets but all foster cats must be kept separately. This is to protect the foster cat as well as the fosterer’s own pets. As rescued cats’ backgrounds are often unknown it’s important that all pets in the household remain healthy and we would recommend that a fosterer’s own pets are fully vaccinated and boosters are kept up-to-date.

So, if you feel this is something you can do, we would love to hear from you, please contact us via the contact page.