Lost and Found

Have You Lost Your Cat?

Losing your cat can be a distressing experience. However, we hope that if you carry out the following procedures, your cat can be returned safely back to you:
  • Contact your local Cats Protection, who will record your cat's details in their "Lost Book"
  • Contact your local RSPCA ( tel 01925 632944 ) - who will check if your cat has been admitted to their shelter.
  • Contact your local vet to check that your cat hasn't been admitted to the surgery. Ask if you can put your cat's details on their notice board.
  • Post leaflets around the area, especially to those neighbours close to you, asking them to look in their sheds and garages. If you have a photograph of your cat, so much the better!
  • Post a leaflet in your local shop.
  • Place a advert in the "Lost and Found" section of your local newspaper.
  • Register your lost pet with Animal search ukmymoggy.com and http://www.thecheshirepetnetwork.co.uk/lost-and-found.php

We hope that your cat comes home safely, but remember! - If your cat is micro-chipped it has a better chance of being found if it ever strays.

Have You Found a Cat?

  • Do not feed or encourage the cat inside your home.
  • Leave the cat alone for a few days to give the cat a chance to go home. Most stray cats will have a home and just visit other houses in the neighbourhood for food.
  • Take the cat to the vets to see if it has a microchip.
  • Contact us to report the cat found.
  • Get a paper collar from us. If the cat does return home at night the owner will contact us.
  • Report the cat found on Animal search uk, mymoggy.com and http://www.thecheshirepetnetwork.co.uk/lost-and-found.php 
  • Put up posters in local vets, shops.
  • If after a few weeks the cat is still hanging around contact us to put it on our waiting list for re-homing.

If you have found a cat and it is injured or needs veterinary attention, please take it to your nearest vet or call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.