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Louis and his sister, Lottie, are 7 months old and looking for a quiet and loving home together. They were rescued from a transit van that was being used as a rubbish dump, where their Mum had given birth. Since being rescued at 3 months of age they have developed into very affectionate cats. They are being rehomed as it is unfair for the rescuers own elderly cats to have youngsters running about. As they are young they love to play but also they crave affection and have become very loving cats, Louis is particularly communicative and Lottie learns a lot from him. Louis will give different tones of squeak whether he wants food, a fuss or the litter tray cleaning! Due to the location of their birth they had not met anyone close up and are initially shy of strangers, they will need time and understanding to settle into a new home and develop a bond with their new family, however, they have so much love to give they will surely repay a loving owners understanding. They will respond well with play, fuss and food. Once you have gained their trust they love nothing more than to lay against you, both snuggling forwards squeaking for attention, nudging against you and finally falling asleep on you. They will require outside access when settled, they are good with other cats. They have not met dogs or children but think they may be ok with well-behaved specimens of both.

Gender Female
Age Less than a year old
Breed Domestic short-hair
Colour Black and White
Can live with cats Yes
Can live with a family Yes
Can live with mature family Yes
Indoor cat No
Access to Outside Yes

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