Taking Cats into Care

We have a number of fosterers on board and are able to take in stray and unwanted cats and kittens and look after them until we can find good homes for them.  This is, of course, a limited resource and, as long as we have the space, we will continue to take them in.  At Cats Protection we never put a healthy cat to sleep; we care for it until a new home is found.  We do not have a homing centre as such; cats are housed in custom-made foster cabins in volunteers’ gardens (and sometimes in spare bedrooms).

There are many reasons why cats come into care:

  • People move and leave their cat behind
  • Their owner dies
  • They are found wandering or injured
  • They are handed in when people can’t cope with having a pet anymore!

People often think rescue cats have something wrong with them; although some cats do have problems, many others are lovely pets who have fallen victim to circumstance, or rather those of their owners.  Due to the economic situation more and more cats are being abandoned and need our help.

All cats taken into care are vet checked, fully vaccinated, de-flea’d and wormed, micro-chipped and neutered.  This costs lots of money but will ensure that every cat will have the best possible chance in life when it leaves us to go to a new home.